Aamir Khan shares Rap with 16.9 million fans!

aamir khan recycle rap

Aamir Khan shared our 'Recycling Rap' with his 16.9 million Twitter fans and 15.2 Facebook fans. Check it out by clicking here The rap was created in collaboration with Doon Boys and Dehradun Girls School, and YouOnlyAlways husband and wife street-art team, Pan Trinity Das and Kyrie Maezumie. The rap was created as part of our "Create to Inspire" education programming. The kids recently did a live performance in Jakhan market and Pan Trinity Das, the Canadian street artist that we have been working with for a few years now, put together this funky video. The lyrics are phenomenal, the performance is outstanding and the enthusiasm and energy these kids have, has to to be seen to be believed. We want the world to see this video so watch and then share. Get ready to be inspired!