Celebrating World Environment Day (5 June 2015)

world enviro day, corbett


To celebrate World Environment Day, our Corbett Chapter organized cleanups in five different locations. Staff members of Namah, one of the hotels we work with, actively participated in a cleanup outside their hotel in Dhikuli Village. Another one of our teams cleaned the main road along Dhikuli village, the most touristic village around Corbett,and thus the dirtiest. Another team cleaned the main road along Mohan, where regular dumping of waste still occurs, despite our consistent waste collection service. A fourth team cleaned Kunkhet village with the help of children from the village. Our final team went out to clean Choti Haldwani where sadly, volunteers failed to show up. Nevertheless, we did our own cleanup around the village. Though we consider everyday world environment day, on this occasion, we make an extra effort to show the Earth that we care.