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Around Corbett Landscape since Oct 2013, the team seeks to introduce a system of Solid Waste Management in an area covering over 150 villages across 100 kms, around the periphery of Corbett Tiger Reserve (CTR), where no such system exists. So far, the Project has spread to 48 rural locations in Panchayat & forest areas around the Corbett Landscape. Waste Warriors Corbett conducts activities for awareness, education, clean-ups and transformations in the 37 villages located on the Eastern and Northern periphery of CTR.

Currently, this project continues to do regular door-to-door waste collection in 12 Villages (Kyari, Ringora, Baluli, Bandran/Amori, Garjiya, Dhikuli, Mohan, Marchula, Bhakrakot, Khempur Gebua, Madanpur Gebua, and Nandpur Gebua) with the help of ladies from local Self-Help Groups that we mentor, and spread regular awareness through our signature awareness program called Children’s Days, that has run in 79 Schools with over 9000 Children. Since Oct 2013, the Corbett Project has provided employment opportunity to over 150 people from the local community. The team at present has 9 full-time team members and 10 ladies from local self-help groups.



Our team works to help rural communities in the forested areas around Corbett National Park, with waste awareness, collection, segregation, and working with the Forest Dept. Have a look at how they work and who's lives they have an impact on, and how you can learn from them to do your bit.


Why Corbett?


The park was established for the protection of the Royal Bengal Tiger (Panthera tigris) yet no checks are in place for unregulated tourism and infrastructure growth that has been allowed to mushroom and its impact thereof.

  • From 10 hotels spread out in 5 villages around CTR in 2000, the tourism industry grew to over 250 hotels by 2015.
  • From zero waste in farm or forest land, discarded plastic became visible along the periphery of CTR, as no systems for Solid or Liquid Waste Management were initiated by any authority.
  • Ramnagar town's Nagar Palika, closest to CTR's eastern, tourism heavy side, was further burdened becoming a dumping ground for the growing waste.
  • The State and District Authorities lack political or bureaucratic will to improve these conditions neither possess the resources for enforcing SWM policies.
  • The local community does not have the experience of managing such waste as there has been no historical precedence for such an issue. In the past whatever dry waste was produced was burnt and wet waste fed to the domestic animals or buried for compost.
  • Increase in Tourism has brought in packaged products wrapped in plastic, aluminum foil, multi laminated plastics, paper, cardboard, thermocol and so on.
  • Since littering or dumping waste was uncontrolled, the problem literally spread across the entire region with plastic and other such solid waste infiltrating deep inside the forests as well.


Our Work


Awareness Raising & Education:


  • Children's days-signature awareness programs for school students.
  • Adult awareness programs for community members, forest & hotels staff, government offices, etc.
  • Clean ups and transformation projects with community participation.
  • Surveys, workshops & trainings.
  • Participation in exhibitions & festivals.
  • Placing signboards and banners.
  • Updating our social media pages.


Implementing Sustainable Solid Waste Management Systems:


  • Regular (weekly, bi/ tri-monthly) door to door collection of waste in villages (for households, schools and shops) through local SHGs co-funded by a monthly user-fee contribution.
  • Regular waste collection from member schools, waste collection centers and public dustbins.
  • Composting of wet, organic waste (food & horticulture waste).
  • Dry waste sorted & sold to scrap dealers or up-cycled into usable products.
  • Non-recyclables disposed with the aid of Ramnagar Nagar Palika.
  • Setting up storage and sorting centers.
  • Involving community members by hiring manpower, store rooms & vehicles within the village members.


Improving Living Standards & Increasing Livelihood Opportunities:


  • Maintaining of previously distributed dustbins and water filters in schools.
  • Generation of income by employment through local SHGs for waste collection, hiring store rooms & vehicles within the village members.
  • Sale of recyclables, compost and up-cycled items.




Research & Outreach:

  • Research into setting up of a Decentralized Solid Waste Management Centre
  • Outreach to all local stakeholders: phone calls, meetings, letters etc. to restart waste collection in member locations.
  • Outreach to Govt./semi-Govt. stakeholders to raise funds for continuity of waste collection in member locations.


Production & Documentation of Learning Materials:


  • Creation of Posters, Presentations for Awareness & Education.
  • Creation of Manuals, Books, Presentations etc. for teaching of SWM.




(SINCE NOV 2017)


We are proud to have the SBI Foundation as our CSR funder for the entire Corbett project team and operations since November 2017. SBI Corbett Project has been implemented for creating systems of solid waste management including awareness & waste collection for the rural community around Corbett Tiger Reserve. The project is targeted across 37 villages in the eastern periphery of Corbett Tiger Reserve in the state of Uttarakhand.

Due to its innovative approach the project not only helps in managing waste but also in generating employment and livelihood opportunities for residents of the villages. The project is also conducting research for zero waste management and training for SHG (self-help group) workers for waste collection. The hope is that with the awareness and participation of the people, nearby villages will take active part in the project and initiate their self-owned waste management systems.

To know more about what SBI Foundation is doing for sustainability and environment follow this link.


Our Supporters and Sponsors


Waste Warriors Corbett has received support for their work from a number of key village members and government authorities as well as local organizations. We also have support from national and international organizations, celebrities and visitors from all over the world. They work closely with academicians, researchers, wildlife enthusiasts, photographers and other naturalists interested to help maintain a 'waste-free' natural reserve.


We are grateful for Anand Mahindra and SOS Organics's immense support as past sponsors of the Corbett Project and we thank them for their trust in our team and our efforts. Anand Mahindra sponsored the project for more than two years, and our team certainly achieved a lot and Corbett and its surrounding villages and their residents have come a long way since we started.


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