Impact Guru crowdfunding campaign raises Rs.3.5 lakhs for waste storage facility

We are proud to announce that we have reached our target of 3 lakhs for a waste storage facility for our Dharamsala project! We ran a crowdfunding campaign on Impact Guru and supporters and well wishers came forward to support our worthwhile cause. Our champion fundraiser was Chirag Mahajan, Project Assistant for the Dharamsala project, who went to great lengths to ensure that his family and friends supported the campaign.

Since our inception in 2012, Waste Warriors has been segregating and storing all waste in front of our office, out in the open or down at the waste container in the main square. With the amount of waste constantly rising and the fact that Dharamsala is the second wettest place in India, the segregating and storage of the collected waste had become an impossible task without a proper segregation and storage facility.

Having a secure and undercover place also means that we could get a proper weighing machine,making it easier to document accurately all of the waste and recyclables collected, and further helping us to create strategies to tackle the growing waste situation and save the fragile ecology of the Himalayan foothills.

A big thank you to everyone that donated.