YOU too, can be a Waste Warrior!

Wall3Cleanliness is close to Godliness and Indians are well known for their cleanliness. They always try to maintain the most hygienic conditions inside their homes in terms of sweeping, having a bath at least once if not twice per day, keep shoes outside lest the floor gets dirty etc. However we leave our garbage for the Government to address and as the Government has its own set of problems, the garbage more or less remains unattended leading to mass scale air, water and soil pollution. This is posing to be a major health issue. If not today, then tomorrow YOUR health is bound to get affected. What goes around comes around.

Want to do something about it? Then get involved with Waste Warriors. You could be a part in many ways to ensure that you do not become a victim of this growing menace!


1. MANAGE YOUR OWN WASTE: bin-stickersIf you hand over a bag of mixed waste to the person who collects your garbage you are contributing to India's garbage problem. Start segregating and composting your waste today!

2. MAINTAIN YOUR PERIMETER: Let's stop complaining about our local municipalities and lead by example instead. If everyone maintained their own perimeter can you imagine what a difference it would make? Most of us have someone to help us clean in the house so why not clean outside too. It takes just a couple of minutes per day.

3. DONATE WHOLEHEARTEDLY: You can really help us to make a difference by making a donation. You can donate in any of the following ways. 

Anchal and Vibha

a. Annual donation: You could make a donation once a year, maybe on your birthday? Perhaps ask your friends and family to make a donation instead of buying gifts.

b. Regular Giving: You could commit yourself to donate on a monthly, quarterly or half-yearly basis. Knowing how much money we have coming in each month really helps us to plan ahead.

c. Project Donations: Waste Warriors often creates proposals to clean up a certain dirty area. The projects would have clarity in terms of objectives, strategies, roles and responsibilities etc. You can decide to fund the entire project or just part of it as per your convenience.

You could also invite Waste Warriors to take up a project in your own locality. We request a donation of Rs 3,000/- for evaluating then creating the project proposal in addition to the cost of travel and stay. Once the proposal is ready it is easier to find donors within your neighbourhood or social circle who can help to fund the project.

Monthly project reports shall be shared with you with clear evidence of work being done. If it is your own project, you will be able to see a tangible difference for yourself.

d. Donations in kind: We need continued assistance in terms of office equipment, tools, vehicles, dustbins etc.

You are welcome to directly buy these items and donate them  to us or maybe you already have something but no longer  use it.

For all donations you will get a receipt and will also be eligible for tax exemption under section 80G. You will get mentioned on our website and receive a monthly Waste Warriors e-newsletter too.

4. VOLUNTEER AS A WARRIOR - YOUR COUNTRY NEEDS YOU: We are in constant need of volunteers as there are 1000 things to do and god has only given us 24 hours to complete them!! Let us know where you live and how much time you can devote to supporting our cause!! We offer an array of voluntary opportunities.

5. BECOME A CLONE FOR WASTE WARRIORS: As you know, the problem of waste is perennial and spread across the country. Waste Warriors are needed everywhere and it is becoming increasingly difficult for us to become omnipotent!


Thus, if you are in a place far away from us, then open a Waste Warrior chapter of your own in your area. We will give you the technology and know-how to create transformation in your own area. We will tell you what you need, the costs and how it can become financially sustainable in the long run.

You will not only benefit from our expertise and branding, but also be able to use the accomplishments and testimonials of Waste Warriors to your advantage. We don’t offer this opportunity to just anyone, you will first need to prove your worth and demonstrate that you are serious about cleaning up your area!

See Be a Part of Swachh Bharat for more information.