CEO Message: A Big Change To Enable Bigger Dreams

Dear friends and supporters,

As Waste Warriors enters a new phase of development, I am excited to announce that we are now looking for a new leader to take our team and organization to new heights.



Our efforts to raise awareness, build waste management systems, and improve livelihoods of waste workers in tough locations has certainly come a long way. The strength and spirit of Jodie, Tashi, Minakshi, and Durgesh have guided us since 2012, followed by myself at the helm for the past three years of exceptional growth.

As we expand our efforts into new spheres, I am keen to bring in an individual with a fresh approach and entrepreneurial energy to take my team’s efforts to the next level.



The space I leave will be filled by a dynamic leader who will not only strengthen the trust we’ve built with our supporters and government bodies over the years, but will also be committed to building sustainable and replicable models for integrated solid waste management.

Throughout this phase, I will remain closely involved to ensure that our new leader matches the growing expectations of not only the communities we work closely with, and brings in new systems for our team to learn and grow to their full potential as agents of change in these difficult times.




Please View our CEO Job Description Here:


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If you know people who would be perfect fits for such a role, please do forward this message to them. I look forward to your well wishes and continued support as we move forward in our next phase of growth.




Thank You for your support!


Your fellow Waste Warrior,

Avinash Pratap Singh

CEO, Waste Warriors Society