Composting is a natural and affordable process that transforms your kitchen and garden waste into fertilizer for your plants and garden.


So why don’t we just send our organic waste to the landfill, it will just be good for the soil there right? The answer to that is No! When waste is sent to landfill, air can’t get to the organic waste. As the waste breaks down it creates a harmful greenhouse gas, Methane, which damages the Earth's atmosphere.

However, when this same waste is composted, oxygen helps the waste to decompose, which means hardly any methane is produced. After two to three months, you get free fertiliser for your garden and plant pots to keep them looking beautiful.

There are several ways to do composting and here a few companies that we recommend. The kind of composter you need depends on the amount of food and garden waste you are generating.


Check out this extremely cool composting video from Daily Dump



composting enclosures - Version 2

Clover Organic
We are partnering with Clover Organic Pvt. Ltd., for all our composting requirements. They have come up with 42 different ways to make compost. They have trained us on 2 of their models – Enclosed composting and Heap Composting. We compost large amounts of food and garden waste and use their composting agent called NatureVel-SW for the same. We learnt how to make simple cost effective enclosures for composting using just poles and chicken wire mesh. We have made these enclosures and heaps not just at our offices but also in all of the villages we work in at Corbett. In Dehradun we have them in Gandhi Park and Dalanwala and have also conducted workshops for staff at the Central Public Works Department, Doon School and the Institute of Hotel Management so they could learn how to make them too. Please get in touch to find out more.



Daily Dump
We just love the products made by Daily Dump especially their Khamba Pots! These 3 or 4 tiered terracotta pots can be placed in a corner of a spacious balcony or outdoors in your garden or under a tree. Make sure to locate it near a corner or against a wall in case you have pets. Sunlight and light rain do not interfere with the pots and it only needs protection in case of heavy rains. Put your organic waste inside the top pot, when it’s full you just move it down a level and bring the empty pot at the bottom up to the top and start the process all over again. These pots are attractive and easy to use. http://www.dailydump.org



Greentech Life
Smartbin works in 2 stages. In stage 1 food waste is thrown into these bins, just like you would in your regular kitchen’s dustbin. Press the waste down with the bottom of a bowl to remove air gaps and sprinkle a teaspoon of Bio Bloom microbes (also available through Greentech) on the top. Bio Bloom stops the waste from rotting and converts it to pickle (hence no smell). Each smartbin takes approximately 3 – 4 weeks to fill for a family of 4. Once full, they are kept aside for a couple of weeks to finish the process. While this is happening the second bin is filled. Liquid is drained about twice a week through the taps at the bottom of the bin.

In stage 2, the pickle is layered with dry compost. This layering is done only once in a month or so and left in separate containers to cure for 3 – 4 weeks. You won’t have to touch it after that. At the end of 3 – 4 weeks you have ready made, very high quality compost. http://www.greentechlife.in/