Stadium-CleanupWe had no idea what we were getting ourselves into when we agreed to take on all the cleaning at the stadium. Waste Management is our thing and it’s something we do very well but being responsible for cleaning all of the toilets, mopping and general cleaning of the entire stadium was an entirely new challenge for us.

We took on two contractors Rajeev and Kamal as in the past 120 people were employed for the job but instead of receiving 80 workers as planned we received just 56. This massively increased our workload and there were several days we were at the stadium from nine am until well after midnight. Trying to keep that momentum going for 8 days was no easy task.

We cleaned the entire stadium on 15th ready for the Delhi Daredevils v Kings XI Punjab on the 16th then cleaned up again ready for the 18th match against Mumbai Indians. On the 19th we cleaned again as there was a celebrity match with politicians v Bollywood stars on the 20th. We hoped to finish on the 21st but it simply wasn’t possible meaning yet another day at the stadium. Match days were crazy with around 22,000 people attending each game.

VIP-Box-Dharamsala-StadiumThe stadium is a maze and we were constantly finding rooms that needed to be cleaned – from players changing rooms, medical rooms, broadcasting rooms, the umpire’s room to VIP and corporate boxes. Every staircase, corridor and kitchen needed us there and it was a massive learning experience for us.
On top of staff costs and general expenses we had to budget for all cleaning equipment including mops, brooms, air fresheners, soaps, toilet rolls etc but we still managed to make a profit of just under 1 lakh as the Himachal Pradesh Cricket Association (HPCA) and Kings XI Punjab made donations totaling 3.5 lakh. This money will be used to pay off outstanding debts including staff salaries.

Stadium-Cleanup-TeamWe also received 20 dustbins from the HPCA and 100 shirts from Fortis plus 400 more shirts are on the way. Bhupesh Bhupathi donated enough gloves for everyone and 100 Waste Warriors shirts with a fab new design by Pan Trinity Das.

Special thanks goes to our volunteers Samriddhi, Aman, Atul, Tanuj, Shubham, Karan Kappoor, Karan Karki , Matt, Annie and students from Himachal Pradesh Central University, Dinesh, Mamta, Rahul, Hoshiar, Sachin and Arun.

Eternal thanks to Project Manager Tashi and Abhi Gupta for tirelessly working to get the job done, no-one could have shown more dedication and commitment than these guys, ultimate respect to you both.