Dehradun Teachers Trained in Next Phase of our Green Gurukul Program


The education team at Waste Warriors Dehradun is excited to have completed their next round of Teacher’s Training, which is the first step in Green Gurukul. This is a program geared at training teachers to teach basic solid waste management information to their school students. To start the program, we had invited at least two teachers from every participating school, both primary and secondary and government and private. At the training, teachers were introduced to the program’s solid waste management (SWM) toolkit, containing 11 chapters. These have been built upon the toolkit originally developed by WasteLess, an Auroville-based NGO doing innovative educational research and programs.


Our first teacher’s training for this year was conducted on 25th and 26th April, at SGRR Patel Nagar, by our COO Avinash Pratap Singh, and our Education Assistant Ankita Kunwar, who has been coordinating this program with Dehradun schools for more than two years now. We also had Neha Sachdeva, a long-time Waste Warriors supporter and professional teacher trainer, who was with us to support our team to conduct our training sessions in the best possible way!


Our trainers walked the teachers through every aspect of the Green Gurukul toolkits, from the content to classroom delivery and interactivity, and ultimately to why we are doing this. It is important for teachers to understand the waste problems faced due to the systematic lack of waste management, enough to raise that level of awareness and concern amongst children too.



"I'm grateful that I got the opportunity to conduct this round of teacher's training. It is always good to interact with teachers, and at the same time, it is a huge responsibility to inculcate the course properly into teachers, so that it reaches their students with the same sanctity. I wish all the students understand waste segregation and we will ensure proper waste management setup in the schools."
Ankita Kunwar, Education Assistant



We were so proud to see the teachers participating in the different learning activities with great enthusiasm. One of the chapters in the Green Gurukul toolkit focuses on role-playing, where students are taught how to enact different roles based on real-life situations of littering, dumping, and burning of waste. The training session came alive with our teachers promptly coming forward to perform short skits that portrayed typical behaviors and bad habits of people, and what one could possibly say to the wrongdoer to change such situations for the better, whether it is using the right bins at home, or holding on to one’s waste instead of littering it on the streets. The teachers had an exciting time coming up with a whole range of responses, and we’re excited to see a future where even the students have the courage to become real waste warriors in their own right!


"As someone who is not an educator, but a waste management expert, it was great to see how teachers were shocked and amazed to find out about facts related to waste and enthusiastically participated in our activities. I believe and I trust that this program will open new doors to sustainable waste management in schools. Through Green Gurukul, school students will get better access to information related to waste problems in their schools, neighborhoods, and cities, and will learn how they can be a part of the solution to this global problem."
Avinash Pratap Singh, Chief Operations Officer, Waste Warriors Society



We believe that teachers form the backbone of any prosperous society, as they play a vital role in shaping the future minds of the nation. 60 teachers from 33 schools attended this round of teacher’s training, and we looking forward to working with their schools to help them teach their students and manage their waste in the best possible way.