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The Problems From The COVID Lockdown

With the massive negative impact of the Coronavirus and the spread of COVID-19, Waste Warriors is committed to providing support and relief to communities of waste pickers and those in the informal waste sector. These families and their breadwinners will be hit very hard by this crisis and the lockdown. There are countless waste workers for whom staying at home means a fate worse than isolation. It will very soon mean no income, little food, and worsening hygiene. These neglected communities need our support, now more than ever, because staying at home is the hardest of their options. They rely heavily on basic income earned from daily wages or sale of recyclables. But their risk of contracting COVID-19 from waste is also very high.

Our Solution To Support Waste Workers

We are setting up a relief fund to distribute kits for food rations, hygiene, and safety for around 600 waste workers. We are already in positive discussions with many stakeholders and authorities to provide these kits, which will include 1) Dry food rations, 2) Masks, 3) Sanitising items, 4) Soap, and 5) Gloves. We will also provide training on how to properly use these items, a step we've already taken with our own formally employed Green Workers who have been assured paid leave and are now safe at home. We will be working closely with the authorities to ensure safe distribution of these kits. If you would also like to make a donation of material and equipment in-kind, please contact our Dehradun office.


The Impact On Their Lives

Mitigating the spread of COVID-19 amongst these underserved and neglected communities is vital. The food rations will greatly help in this stressful time to feed themselves and their families in this time of little or no income. The hygiene and sanitation kits and the basic training on how to use them will ensure that they will be able to use these basic personal protective equipment like masks and gloves when they feel obligated to continue to work to collect recyclables. The sanitizing items will ensure that they are able to keep their hands and feet clean to prevent the spread of the virus after coming into contact with fomites, i.e, infected surfaces. These surfaces can include items which they regularly collect like plastic, cardboard, and metal, as well as items they have a high chance of touching like improperly disposed used masks, tissues, wipes, and medical waste.



General Donations Are Welcome, Too!

Can you imagine how much more we could achieve if we had sufficient funds? There is no minimum or maximum donation, just give what you can. Every rupee you give, brings us one step closer to a cleaner India.

Waste Warriors is a registered society (12A, 80G). We now also have a license to accept international donations directly to a dedicated account, as per the Foreign Contribution Regulation Act (FCRA). Please refer to the following information when making your donation, whether Indian or international.

International Donations:
Account Name: Waste Warriors Society
Account Number: 36423912126
IFSC: SBIN0000630
Bank Name: State Bank of India (SBI)
Branch Name: Main Branch Dehradun
Branch Code: 00630
Email: dehradun@wastewarriors.org
Phone: +91 78952 67144

Indian Donations:
Account Name: Waste Warriors Society
Bank Name: State Bank of India (SBI)
Branch Name: New Cantt Road
Branch City: Dehradun
Branch State: Uttarakhand
IFSC code: SBIN0060432
Account Number: 33742176465
Email: dehradun@wastewarriors.org
Phone: +91 78952 67144


When making a bank transfer or depositing a cheque, please email info@wastewarriors.org so we can confirm who the donation is from.

Cheques/Drafts can be made payable to 'Waste Warriors Society' and sent to our head office at:
Waste Warriors Society
136/2/2 Shivam Vihar,
Rajpur Road, Jakhan,
Dehradun, Uttarakhand, India - 248001
Phone: +91 78952 67144

PLEASE NOTE: All donations to Waste Warriors are 50% tax exempt for Indian citizens as we have a Section 80G certificate. Letter No.80G/2014-15/1144 dated 29/05/2014.

Thank you in advance, we appreciate your support.