Microsoft 'Create to Inspire' Educational Programme (Dehradun)

Waste Warriors has successfully conducted two of Microsoft’s ‘Create to Inspire’ educational programmes for schools. The focus of the initiative, which is fully funded by Microsoft, is to provide guidance to teachers on conducting exercises and activities in the environmental sciences and is geared to engage and inspire students from classes 5 – 12. For CBSE schools. Microsoft has created synergies of the exercises being provided for teachers with continuous evaluation as per the (CCE) framework.
As the name implies the programme is creative and therefore encourages the students to learn and communicate through plays, skits and dances, presentations, videos, art and photography relating to a number of environmental topics including bio-diversity, environmental careers, the journey of waste, energy saving, environmental petitions, e-waste and water.

Create to InspireIn total, 78 schools in Dehradun completed the full programme and X schools received participation certificates for completing 3 or more of the activities. A number of schools received special awards for Exemplary Teachers, Best Community Outreach Campaign, Best use of Creative Means for Implementation of the Toolkits, Environmentally Sustainable School and the Highest Amount of E-waste Collected for Recycling.

The Eco-System and Media Partners for the program are:-
Aasraa Trust, Confederation of Indian Industry, Clover Organic, The Achievers Programme, Uttarakhand Environment Protection & Pollution Control Board and Wildlife Institute of India. The Garhwal Post and the Hindustan Times are our media partners.


Fifty schools in Dehradun were chosen to participate in Phase I of the programme and we provided full support to ensure as many schools as possible completed it. We conducted two main induction workshops followed by a number of smaller inductions and two showcase events where the students were able to demonstrate what they had learned. The biggest challenge we faced was in the Government Schools where teachers showed no desire to teach or to learn despite the enthusiasm of their students.


Eighty schools in Dehradun were chosen to participate in Phase II as our mission was to get 50 schools through the programme. We conducted three induction workshops and two showcase events. We strongly believe that this is the kind of education that should be part of the school curriculum so students can learn how their actions impact the environment and what they can do to help!


Please watch this wonderful video to get an overview about the Create to Inspire programme.

Doon Girls School and Dehradun Boys School created a brilliant recycling rap as part of our Create to Inspire programme. Aamir Khan shared the video on his social media pages reaching out to 16 million people.


Zero waste campus

Educational Programs

We are working in schools in all 3 of our project locations. Our interactive waste workshops are a great way for kids to learn about the environment whilst having fun at the same time. We don’t lecture kids and talk about the science behind pollution as most official educational programs do. We teach them how important the environment is to all living things and how we ourselves are destroying our earth when we don’t dispose of our waste properly. Our memory game helps children to learn how long different items of waste take to biodegrade and both teachers and kids alike are always shocked when they find out that glass and polystyrene never ever completely disappear.We have fun and interesting ways for children to learn about what recycling actually is and why it’s so important.


Bhakrakot evening classes

Evening Classes (Corbett)

We conduct an evening class for the village children in our Bhakrakot office. In addition to teaching them about waste management and the environment, the kids learn songs and rhymes and participate in play sessions. We also help them with their homework and teach them English, Maths and Art.



Children’s Days

These events give us the opportunity to informally educate the next generation. We encourage children of all backgrounds and ages to feel a sense of civic pride whilst they learn how to manage their waste using our Reduce, Re-use, Recycle methods. Local children create the “Please Use Dustbin” posters we display in businesses and shops and paint the banners for the areas we have cleaned and their schools.
We get them involved in clean-up sessions and encourage them to think of the places they live as their own instilling a sense of community spirit and civic pride.
Our Waste Segregation Game Relay Race is always a big hit with the kids and teaches them to remember which kinds of waste are recyclable. They never get it wrong twice especially if their team loses the race as a result of it.


We LOVE Garbology 101


GarbologyWasteless have created a fabulous resource tool called Garbology 101. It tells you everything you need to create your own exciting and interactive educational program. Education doesn’t have to be limited to schools, you can teach your own kids at home too. It’s aimed at children from 6 to 12 years of age but several of the activities are suitable for older children too. They won’t even know they’re learning, they’ll just think they’re having a huge amount of fun!