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About Green Gurukul >

Our online SWM education program, "Green Gurukul", is aimed at sensitizing students to their environment through hands-on and thought-provoking activities. We believe that this will ensure the next generation is aware of the impact that our individual actions have on the environment, and that our activities and interactions will empower and equip them with the knowledge to make better choices for a cleaner future.

Considering the current situation, our program is now online and aims to engage students through activities, webinars, modules, & competitions. It is designed keeping into consideration the holistic development of every student while focusing on the collective responsibility towards waste management. Our approach aims to bring principals on board and to learn more about the program, and to bring teachers on board through a training of trainers (TOT) model, so that they can then teach our simplified material to their students in the class and online with prepared presentations.


Green Gurukul is now available online.



Benefits of Our Program >

  • Learn about important environmental issues with no cost involved: The program imparts knowledge on solid waste management and environmental issues free of cost.

  • Create awareness about waste management and recycling: The program will impart knowledge and hands-on experiences through webinars, modules, and activities which will create a learning opportunity for students, teachers, and even school administrative and supporting staff.

  • Be recognized as a model school for waste management: It is necessary to foster a culture at schools aimed at alleviating the environmental and social problems caused by waste. Schools have become important focal points to inspire the next generation to become stewards of our planet. Being part of Green Gurukul will inspire other schools, principals, teachers, and your school will be recognized and appreciated by Uttarakhand's Education Department.

  • Be agents of behavioral change for cleaner schools and communities: Sharing knowledge and better practices on proper solid waste management in schools will instil a positive attitude in school students to become agents of change, directly and indirectly motivating their peers, siblings, family, neighborhoods, and society as a whole.

  • Impact your peers and the community: The knowledge gained through the modules will give a platform to educate and impact not just your school peers, but also parents of students, teachers and principals in other schools, as well as the local community around the school.

  • Build strong relationships with other Green Gurukul schools: Our program will give you a platform to share knowledge among participating schools and Education stakeholders, including Uttarakhand Education Department.

  • Make your school among the cleanest in the city:Learn how to implement the 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) of solid waste management in your school to make it the cleanest it has ever been, adding to the economic and environmental performance of your school.

  • Free waste collection services to the schools which can not afford: Under the program, a certain number of schools who can not afford regular waste collection services will be given free waste collection services for a certain period of time.




Green Gurukul is now online.

Learn how your school can be part of this new way to teach students about recycling and the environment, right at home!

Our Online Modules:


  • Introduction to Solid Waste

  • Journey of Waste

  • How Long Does Trash Last?

  • Be a Garbage Detective

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Creative Communication

  • Art for Awareness

Structure of Our Program:


Duration: 4 months (July - October).

Participating Grades: 6th to 12th, or Eco-club students.

Material: Toolkit, prepared presentations & notes for teachers.

Average Time: 30 to 40 minutes a week.


Steps Of The Program:


Teachers Induction >

Effective teacher training programs are organized and conducted to ensure schools have free access to our educational materials and solid waste management toolkits. Throughout the program, assistance is provided to teachers to resolve any obstacles that arise. This induction will now also happen online.

Raising Awareness Through Activities >

Activities and programs are conducted to teach your students the importance of sustainable SWM, and to encourage students to reduce their plastic consumption, segregate their waste correctly, and recycle their waste effectively.

Waste Management Setup >

We will assist schools with necessary training and solutions for setting up sustainable solid waste management systems on their premises, and to help school administration and students to inculcate effective habits and plans to responsibly manage the waste generated in their schools.

Impact Assessment >

A strong baseline study is conducted of all participating schools at the start of the Green Gurukul program, and we will also assess the impact of our training and activities in all participating schools at the end of the program. Feedback, especially from principals and teachers, is taken to improve our approach before the start of each next phase.

Read more about the program and what teachers and students have experienced.

Stakeholders Engagement >

A platform is created to recognize and appreciate the performance of outstanding stakeholders and use that as a tool to encourage additional schools to be a part of our program. A diverse range of educational and SWM stakeholders are brought on board to support the program’s growth and success, including principals, teachers, students, and their parents, as well as government agencies including the Nagar Nigam, Education Dept., Pollution Control Board, etc, for the increased credibility of the program.

Felicitation >

At the end of the program, a felicitation ceremony will be organized to appreciate the efforts of enrolled schools with trophies and certificates. This is a great platform for all the beneficiaries to share their learnings and challenges of implementing the Green Gurukul program in their schools.



Read more about Green Gurukul



Our Impact Across Locations


Since 2012, our teams have:


  • Reached out to nearly 1.2 lakh children in 337 schools across Dehradun, Dharamshala, and Corbett.


  • Conducted 500 clean-up drives & 28 transformation projects (8 in Dehradun, 13 around Corbett, and 7 in Dharamshala).


  • Successfully piloted Plastic & E-waste collection programs in Dehradun schools.


  • Set up solid waste management systems in 82 schools.




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Email: education@wastewarriors.org


Sakshi at +91 91492 74714