Educational Institutions

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There is no doubt that educational institutions and their students have a huge responsibility on their shoulders. They have to fix all of the problems that previous generations have created and it’s our job to ensure that they have the tools and the knowledge they need to become responsible and forward thinking citizens.

There are a number of ways in which we can help schools to do this and you don’t have to be in the areas we currently work in to make positive changes in your school or college. Habits formed at a young age are carried over into adulthood and we speak from experience when we say that no one can educate parents better than their children can.


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Waste Management Systems

Schools generate lots of waste, but it’s easy to set up a proper waste management system. The aim is for recyclable waste to be sold to a kabbadiwala, organic waste to be composted and the left over reject waste ie non recyclable to be collected by your local Municipality. The non-recyclable waste is taken to a trenching ground which is a huge open space where waste is dumped. Groundwater, soil and air become polluted and dangerous methane gases are released into the atmosphere. We can help you to set up a proper system, brief your students, train your staff and hand hold you every step of the way. All you have to do is decide you want positive change.



Educational Children’s Events

We can conduct these sessions for you or give you all the information you need to host your own. These educational sessions teach kids about waste management in a fun and interactive way and we have yet to find a child that doesn’t enjoy them. You will already have most of the materials required but if not we can bring them along. We can arrange sessions that last from one to three hours depending on your requirements. Older students can actually conduct children’s events with a little bit of training from Waste Warriors meaning a huge amount of kids can be educated. Find out more.




We can teach your students and your staff how to turn garden and food waste into fertiliser for your grounds or pot plants. It’s a very simple process that the kids will enjoy learning about plus they get the opportunity to get out of the classroom. There is a famous saying that says “Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” Find out more.



Install dustbins

We are sure that the Prime Minister would be delighted if you installed some dustbins outside your school or in your local community. We have a design that is animal proof, hard to damage and difficult to steal. You will need to employ someone or assign one of your cleaning staff to empty the dustbins each day. The dustbins we recommend have a panel at the front where you can get your logo added and/or some catchy slogans.


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Clean-up Drives

Kids enjoy going outside and getting a break away from the monotony of the classroom. Students that participate in clean-up drives are less likely to litter and over time learn to feel a sense of civic pride. Again we recommend having litter grabbers and before each session a team leader/school captain should brief the students on what is and isn’t recyclable so the waste can be collected separately. Some can collect just recyclables, others organic waste to be composted and the rest can pick up non-recyclable waste. This means all the garbage is already segregated at source. Find out more.


maintain perimeter

Maintain your Perimeter

Schools are generally clean inside their buildings and grounds but what about outside? The perimeters of school are generally littered and we expect the Municipality to clean it for us. Your cleaning staff should be instructed to clean your perimeter on a daily basis and weekly clean-up sessions with students should be organised. We recommend buying litter grabbers as they make cleaning so much more fun! You will also need some bags (preferably re-usable ie sugar or flour sacks) and a few pairs of gloves.



Raising Awareness

We have found that young people are extremely good at educating others. Split the students up into teams and allocate certain areas to them. They will of course need to be supervised by teachers. They can visit local shops and encourage them to place dustbins outside, educate passers by about the importance of not littering and go door to door to households and businesses in your area requesting that they don’t dump their waste but instead maintain their perimeter.  This is a good confidence building exercise and huge amounts of people can be educated in the process. Learning is not restricted to only children! Find out more.