Event Waste Management


Our team has a great deal of experience in managing the waste at large events such as the Manimahesh Yatra (Himachal Pradesh), Sunburn Music Festival (Goa), numerous India Premier League (IPL) and One Day International (ODI) matches in Dharamsala & Mohali Cricket Stadium, the Wipro Chennai Marathon, Airtel Hyderabad Marathon, Hero/I-Next Bikeathon, ATOAI Convention and many others.

We offer waste management services, so if you are planning an event and would like us to manage your waste please get in touch with us by emailing info@wastewarriors.org. Alternatively, we can also offer our advice and expertise to assist you so that you can manage your waste on your own!

Please click here to see our Event Waste Management Brochure

Events we have worked at:

Airtel Hyderabad Marathon 2016

Airtel Hyderabad Marathon   (27th - 28th August 2016)

Waste Warriors was the waste management partner for the Airtel Hyderabad Marathon 2016 for the 4th year in row. We worked with volunteers from Green Army and Independent Waste Workers hired for the work and managed waste for the 5K Race on 27th August, 2016 & Main Day Event (10K, 21K & 42K Race) on 28th August, 2016. Our event coordinator Swetha worked with a total of 70 workers and 270 volunteers who collected a total of about 5 tonnes of waste in two days. All waste was segregated at source (into recyclable, non-recyclable and food) to ensure that waste is managed correctly and minimal amount is sent to landfill sites. All recyclable waste was sold to informal recyclers/kabadiwalas, by the waste workers who worked at the site. Food waste was sent to piggeries. Non-recyclable waste was sent to GHMC-approved landfill site.


Waste Category 27th August 2016 28th August 2016
Paper Cups & Tetra Pak 750 kg 1000 kg
Plastic Bottles 6 kg 75 kg
Cardboard 45 kg 87 kg
Polythene (shrink wrap) 20 kg 37 kg
Aluminum Foil 28 kg 18 kg
Food Waste 250 kg 2000 kg
Non-Recyclable Waste 50 kg 500 kg

Thank you to all the volunteers from Green Army who woke up early morning and were ready on their designated spots to help us and the workers without whom this feat would have been impossible. Also a big thank you to AHM organisers for collaborating with us year after year and to ensure that AHM is one of the cleanest marathons in the country.


Big Gig

Times Dehradun Cyclothon   (7th February 2016)

During the month of February, we collaborated with Times of India on various waste management awareness raising events and initiatives. As part of this, we managed the waste at the Cyclothon. Though it was a challenge to manage, because it rained very heavily, we managed to leave the sports ground at St Joseph’s cleaner than we had found it! All the waste was collected separately:- plastic biscuit packets will go to the PWD for making roads, the Tetra Pak and the bottles are sent for recycling and all of the banana peels were sent to our bovine rescue centre at Kedarpuram. A huge thanks to our wonderful volunteers for their efforts!


Wipro Chennai Marathon 2016

The Wipro Chennai Marathon 2016   (31st January 2016)

On January 31st 2016 weekend, we went to manage the waste at The Wipro Chennai Marathon 2016. Though we were informed of the event just 10 days before, we still managed to pack all stuff and get to the venue to ensure TWCM was a clean event. With 12000 runners & around 3000 volunteers, this event was huge and it reflected quite clearly in the amount of garbage generated. Though hot food was served on biodegradable plates, the plastic bottles & paper cups were large in number. Volunteers from the Chennai Trekking Club, were incredible and joined to help us in the very last minute though they were not informed of it earlier.


Uttarakhand Spring Bird Festival

Uttarakhand Spring Bird Festival   (4th - 8th February 2016)

From February 4-8th 2015, we managed the waste at the 2nd Uttarakhand Spring Bird Festival, at the Pawalgarh Conservation Reserve in Nainital District. The festival took its visitors out bird watching, which gave them the opportunity to learn more about the 350 birds at the reserve. The festival was huge – it attracted over 3000 people! We were in charge of cleaning and maintaining the waste at all five of the festival locations. In four days, we managed to collect about 6000 kgs of food waste, 60 kg of non-recyclables and 220 kg of recyclables.



Pedal-A-Thon   (13th December 2015, Dehradun)

On Sunday, December 13th, our Waste Warriors team woke up bright and early to go and manage the volunteers, the "donate-a-cycle" campaign, and of course, the waste, at the Pedal-A-Thon Dehradun 2015, which was hosted by Smoking Mirror Media Pvt. Ltd. After a few consultation sessions with us, the Smoking Mirror Media team worked hard to ensure that their event was as waste-free as possible. They used recycled newspaper to make grab-bags for participants and volunteers, and served chai in biodegradable kullads (clay-cups), as opposed to paper cups to further reduce waste. We managed to collect 29kgs of non-recyclable waste, and 14 kg of recyclable waste.



Welham Girls Charity Event Karkamal

Welham Girls Charity Event Karkamal   (November 2015, Dehradun)

From Nov 7-8th, 2015 our team of Waste Warriors was in charge of managing the waste at Karkamal, the charity event organized by Welham Girls School. The event drew a lot of students from all across the city. There was a wide range of fast food available at the event, which ultimately created huge amounts of packing and food-related waste. We managed to collect a total of 172 KG of waste. A lot of the packaging waste was recyclable, so luckily we were there to ensure that it was managed responsibly, to mitigate the amount of waste sent to the trenching ground. The girls were a great help to us during the clean-up session at the end.


Big Gig

Jagannath Rath Yatra   (19th September 2015, Dehradun)

On Saturday 19th September Waste Warriors helped with the waste management for the Sri Jagannath Rath Yatra. Anil Bhatnagar who had seen us in action during the I-Next Bikeathon requested our help to manage the waste and the cleaning staff at the event.
The start point was at the Parade Ground, which was already filthy. Jodie met with the Chief Minister who was flagging off the event but he showed no interest when she informed him about the work of Waste Warriors.
Gloves, bags and litter grabbers were distributed to the cleaning staff as all they had were brooms. CEO Jodie helped the sweepers at the front of the procession to clear the way for the chariot and instead of just sweeping everything to the side; the cleaners were able to put the waste in their garbage bags with the help of the litter grabbing sticks.
We will be creating some “Green Yatra” guidelines as a result of our experience working at the Yatra to help organisers minimize the waste they are generating and make sensible, environmentally friendly decisions when it comes to purchasing.


Big Gig

Pinkathon Waste Management Partner   (September - December 2015)

We were the official waste management partners for the Pinkathon Marathon this year (tagged as India’s biggest women’s run!), where we managed the waste at all the events across the country, including in Delhi, Chennai, Hyderabad, Guwahati, Pune, Bengaluru, and Mumbai.
At each event, our team starts the day before, ensuring that the area is clean, and setting up dustbins, as well as Green Water Stations, where we give out re-usable cups, as opposed to disposable ones. Throughout the event, we empty dustbins, thus ensuring that as much of the waste as possible is recycled. We are the first ones to arrive, and the last ones to leave!
We thoroughly enjoyed working with the Pinkathon team. We would not be able to manage the waste at these mega-events if it wasn’t for the support of our highly dedicated volunteers, so a huge thank you to all those who volunteered with us at the events.


Big Gig

Airtel Hyderabad Marathon 2015   (29th - 30th August 2015)

We were invited back as the official waste management partners at the Airtel Hyderabad Marathon. However, this year, we had a bigger task at hand since the event was to be held over 2 days: the 29th and 30th of August. This year, we worked with the event organizers to ensure that the least amount of waste possible was generated. By the end of the event, we managed to recycle 113 kg of plastic bottles, 88 kg of cardboard, 32 kg of polythene, 500 kg of paper cups, tetrapak & brunch boxes. This total came to 733 kg of recyclable waste. All food waste that was generated was sent to piggeries. We are incredibly grateful to all volunteers from the organization The Green Nest, who worked hard with us to ensure that the waste was managed responsibly.


Big Gig

The Big Gig   (May 2015, Rokeby Manor, Landour)

We managed the waste at The Big Gig at Rokeby Manor, Landour in 2014 and 2015. Although it is a small event, the crowd and the music is always superb. Jodie also spoke briefly at each event to encourage people to use the dustbins and keep the place clean. We received a lot of support from the organizers and participants who obliged and helped by diligently using the dustbins.



Pinkathon   (15th March 2015, Hyderabad)

We were the official waste management partners of the Pinkathon in Hyderabad. Pinkathon, which started in Bangalore earlier this year, introduced the concept of Green Water Stations (where runners are given water in steel glasses as opposed to paper cups). This great initiative continued in Hyderabad. By the end of the marathon, runners had consumed 180 litres of water in steel glasses, thus saving 720 small (230 ml) bottles of water! Despite this success, overall the event generated a lot of non-recyclable waste due to the use of plastic food packaging.



Bangalore Marathon   (19th October 2014)

On October 19th 2014, the Bangalore Marathon took place. We weren’t the official waste management partners; however, along with a group of green runners, we helped ensure that the waste being generated by the 10 000 runners at the event was properly disposed of. The day before the event, we spoke with the food caterers and insisted that they use reusable cutlery (that we provided for them!) to serve food in. On the day of the race, 50 waste workers from Hasirundala were spread out along the route, to collect the paper cups being used by runners. We are grateful to Bangalore’s incredibly active waste community, whose members helped us to ensure the waste at the event was managed properly.


Airtel Hyderabad Marathon

We Repeat the Feat: Airtel Hyderabad Marathon   (31st August 2014)

After last year’s success, we were asked to come back to manage the waste at the Airtel Hyderabad Marathon 2014. The event hosted approximately 7000 runners, as well as spectators and volunteers. We started bright and early (before the sun had even came up!) at 4:00 AM and ended at 9:00pm, after we had loaded-up three truckloads of garbage from the stadium. We recycled a total of 305 kg of waste, and sent 87 kg of food waste to piggeries. Thus, we were able to recycle 95% of all the waste that we collected. We also gave away two boxes of biscuits and cakes, which would have otherwise gone to waste, to a nearby orphanage. We couldn’t have run this event if it wasn’t for the 200 volunteers who worked with us throughout a day.


Shimla Ultra Marathon

Shimla Ultra Marathon   (21st June 2014)

We were put in charge of managing the waste at the Ultra Marathon, organized by “Get Set Run – The Ultra Milers” in the Mashobra Hills, Shimla. Compared to the size of events we have run in the past, this one wasn’t huge – we managed the waste of about 45 runners, plus 40 other personnel, including staff and volunteers. The evening before the event, the organizers had a party where our Project Assistant from Dharamsala, Avinash, briefed everyone on what we do and what they could do to help. Our volunteers put dustbins at the 9 checkpoints of the race. The runners took responsibility for their waste, and carried it with them to the dustbins. We are happy to report that the marathon was declared as a Zero Waste Event – there was only 0.5 kg of non-recyclable waste!



Managing the Waste at the ATOAI Convention   (25th - 27th March 2014, Rishikesh)

We were the Waste Management partners for the Adventure Tour Operators Association of India (ATOAI) 11th Annual Convention from 25th-27th March 2014. This event, which took place near Rishikesh, required some extra coordination as there were 3 locations we needed to work in - Bull’s Retreat, where people registered, VNA Resort, the location of the convention and where many people were staying, and Beas Ghat, a beautiful beach which can only be accessed by raft. Jodie gave an inspiring speech on the first day which motivated people to use the right dustbins and keep all of the locations spic and span.
On the 26th, each participant was given a flower as they reached the shore at Beas Ghat. One woman gave her flower to Jodie, who placed in it front of a dustbin and then many more people followed suit. Our recycling station became a feature, almost like a shrine of cleanliness that reminded people to be aware of their surroundings. When we woke on the morning of the 27th after leaving many people partying into the night, the beach was spotless. People had kept the area clean, even when we weren’t there to keep an eye on them.


Hyderabad Rotathon

Hyderabad Rotathon 2014   (9th February 2014)

On February 9th 2014, The Rotary Club of Hyderabad organized Rotathon 2014, a 5 km walk, in order to raise funds to build a school. We were called in to manage the waste at the event only three days before it started – luckily, we were ready for the challenge. The Green Nest, a student organization that helped us during the Airtel Hyderabad Marathon (AHM), immediately came to our rescue. Thanks to their support, we had a lot of volunteers. Throughout the entire route, we only found one bottle lying on the ground; the rest of the waste had been properly disposed of in our bags. Thank-you to the Rotary Club and to our volunteers for ensuring that this was a green event, and for working hard to avoid unnecessary generation of waste.


Mussoorie Winterline Carnival

Mussoorie Winterline Carnival   (27th - 30th December 2013, Dehradun)

The Mussoorie Winterline Carnival was a large 4-day event and was held in multiple locations, which made it especially difficult to manage. We were assigned the job of cleaning and maintaining the 6 km route leading to Mussoorie. We started work on the 26th, a day before the event officially started. The whole Waste Warriors team was divided into three sub-teams – including our staff, our volunteers and staff from KLEEN, an NGO working in Mussoorie. By the end of the event, we managed to collect 80 bags of non-recyclable waste, and 30 bags of recyclable waste!