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What is the Green Gurukul Challenge?

The Green Gurukul Challenge is a National Level Inter-School competition for students to take part in and solve the growing environmental issues at the grassroots level. This is an opportunity for every student who wishes to make a change in their homes, locality, school premises, while building the essential skills such as leadership, innovation, teamwork etc.

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We believe it is crucial to foster a healthy mindset & behavioural change in students to cater to the environmental issues by providing them with the necessary tools and transferable skills.

The purpose of this competition is to teach students the importance of managing waste in their learning years. With The Green Gurukul Challenge, students will be provided with a platform to explore their innovative and leadership skills. 

why should you participate?

The competition has been designed to empower you with the right set of tools and methods, to ideate, build and test solutions. This is your chance to experiment and learn to be a leader in your school and community.

Enforces Creativity
Builds Leadership Skills
Encourages Teamwork
Help Solve
Environmental Issues
Foster Innovations

how to

School students will need to register to take part as a team of minimum 5 members with an upper limit of 15. Teams will spend the next month diving deep into social or environmental topics they are passionate about. Participating teams are required to produce supporting documents, images and videos. The top 3 winning teams will win cash prizes and goodies worth thousands.


The Green Gurukul Challenge is an all India Inter-School Competition for children to participate in and solve environmental issues in the country through Innovation.

Students who are passionate about innovating and are interested in hands-on experience to solve environmental problems such as solid waste, plastic waste, climate change, etc.

If you are a student and you meet the eligibility criteria, you can enroll your team by registering:
And the next steps will be notified to you via email.

  • A student from any school and any part of the country.
  • Must be studying in grade 6 and above.
  • A team of a minimum of 5 students.
  • The team members can be from different grades but the same school.
  • Approval Letter and a No Objection Certificate duly signed by the Head of the school.

Once you have the minimum required team members, nominate a student leader and teacher representative for your team. you can or your headmaster can appoint a teacher representative for your school.

Click here for the registration form and share with us the details of your team. Once you submit the registration form, you will hear from us about the next steps via email. Keep a lookout on your Inbox.

A school can register one team only. A team can have up to 15 students. Every team member must meet the eligibility criteria.

The competition starts on April 19th 2021 and ends on 16th May 2021.

The competition is aimed to create awareness of the environmental issues while providing a hands-on experience for solving them. Each week is filled with exciting tasks which allow every team to gain knowledge, empathize, innovate and implement the designed solutions in their locality. A detailed calendar with tasks will be shared with you on the first day.

Once you register, along with your team members explore our website and social media handles to get a better understanding of our work and be prepared for the competition.

At the end of the competition, every team will be awarded a participation certificate and exciting goodies. Winning school and the team will be awarded a cash prize of up to 1 Lakh rupees. Besides, each one of you will get hands-on experience to solve real-life problems.

Rules and Regulations

  • Shall follow the instructions given for each of the tasks
  • Shall take necessary precautions & safety measures required with respect to the COVID 19
  • Social media shall be used by the Team Leader and Teacher Mentor only
  • Must not post anything on social media that does not concern the competition
  • Shall seek advice from the teacher representative before posting on social media
  • Must not indulge in any paid promotions on social media
  • Shall abide by the deadlines and timelines for each task shared by Waste Warriors


Students hereby expressly agree not to:

  • Remove copyright, trademark, or other intellectual property notices contained in the original material
  • Submit or post original material copied or printed off from other websites without our written consent
  • Post or otherwise publish materials that-
    • are defamatory, obscene, or threatening
    • would encourage conduct that would either constitute or incite criminal offence, or violate the law in any manner whatsoever
    • infringe the intellectual property, privacy, or rights of other third parties
    • contain false or misleading statements
    • belong to other third party publications

Teams will be disqualified and terminated from the competition:

  • If the tasks are completed by an external party and/or plagiarised submissions
  • If the teams miss deadlines repetitively and that is stopping them from achieving the goals
  • If the minimum number of points is not acquired
  • If there is any mishap/abuse of, but not limited to resources, technology, team members, etc.
Are you ready to get started ?

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