Himalayan Clean-Up 2018

On the 26th of May, Waste Warriors took part in the Himalayan Clean-Up 2018 campaign initiated by the Integrated Mountain Initiatives (IMI) and Zero Waste Himalayas.

Waste Warriors Dehradun organised mass clean-ups in Jakhan Forest, Santla Devi river, Robber's Cave, Raipur Road near The Oasis School and Mussoorie Road with support from the Forest Department, the Police Sanchar Vibhag Uttarakhand, Doon University, Tibetan School, The Oasis School, Purkal Youth Development Society School and other volunteers.

Waste Warriors Dharamsala conducted two clean-up drives in Upper Dharamsala, one on the McLeod Ganj-Bhagsunag Road and the other in Dharamkot.

Waste Warriors Corbett conducted a clean-up drive in Mohan village with participation from Patlidun Safari Lodge, The Corbett Greens, The Wild Rendezvous (Hotels in Bhakrakot Village) and Camp River Wild, Lemon Tree Resort, Roop Resort (Hotels in Mohan Village), Uttarakhand forest department (Corbett Tiger Reserve, Mandal range), community members and shopkeepers from Mohan Village.

A total of 200 volunteers took part in the Waste Warriors clean up’s collecting just under one tonne (987 kg) of waste from the eight clean-up locations. A total of 245 sites across 12 states were tackled as part of the Himalayan Clean-Up 2018 campaign.

The drives were followed up by a waste and brand audit, based on the concept of Extended Producer Responsibility which is an integral part of the Plastict Waste Management Rules 2016. The initiative was a part of IMI and Zero Waste Himalaya collaboration with 12 Himalayan states to bring the nation's attention to the brands who are the biggest polluters. The movement is to push these big brands, to take responsibility, who are refusing to acknowledge their impact and responsibility towards the complete life cycle of their products.