ID Card distribution and Awareness Program for Ragpickers

On 22nd January in collaboration with the Dehradun Municipality we held an event in which 50 ragpickers, previously identified by Waste Warriors received an official ID card issued by the Dehradun Municipal Corporation. In addition to the ID cards, we also distributed safety equipment such as protective gloves, a high viz vest and face masks. Baseball caps were also distributed. Mr. Kakkar (from Pramukh) gave a brief talk to the invitees and the Mayor Mr Vinod Chamoli presented the cards and complimentary items to the ragpickers.

Improving conditions for ragpickers has always have been one of our objectives as an organisation and something that we feel very strongly about. Acknowledging the informal sector for the important work it does, is an important step in its official inclusion into the city’s waste management system. Ragickers are often harassed by the general public and the police but having an ID card that shows that they are authorized to collect waste by the Municipality, can reduce this unnecessary harassment.