Corporate Social Responsibility
In the era of Corporate Social Responsibility many businesses are supporting charities and worthy causes  designed to provide benefits for both parties.  Whatever the size of your organisation, you can work in partnership with Waste Warriors for a cleaner, greener India. Corporate sponsorship is a great way to promote your business. You can sponsor a project, event or for long lasting advertising, our t-shirts.

Why do we need your support?

We don’t receive government funding and rely on donations from individuals and corporates. Corporate sponsorship helps us to cover our day-to-day running costs, reach out across India and allows us to spend more time on making our projects successful and sustainable.


What level of sponsorship is required?

Because ‘one size’ doesn’t fit all our dedicated team will work with your organization individually to develop a partnership that reflects your requirements, as well as offering an array of promotional opportunities. You have the choice to decide what kind of project you want to be involved in and the amount of funds you wish to donate. Our aim is to make it easy for businesses of all sizes to get involved.


Benefits of being a Corporate Partner :


•  Advertising/promotion on our website, online social networking, website, events etc

•  Be a part of the Prime Ministers Swachh Bharat Abhiyan campaign

•  Volunteering opportunities for your employees

•  Inspiring talks and presentations

•  Sponsorship opportunities

To discuss your requirements please send an email to info@wastewarriors.org.



Corporate Partnerships


for mahindra csr

Mahindra Holidays & Resorts India Ltd.

have pledged 25 lakh specifically for our Corbett Project. The aim is to provide a waste collection and composting service to over one hundred villages around the Corbett Tiger Reserve. An enormous challenge but an essential mission if we are to preserve the beauty of this area. We are about to purchase a new truck and are now providing employment to 24 people.We are currently working in eleven villages and also collect waste from hotels, resorts and schools. To find out more about the Corbett Project please click here.


Mahindra & Mahindra

donated two brand new Bolero trucks to us in 2013 and we have no idea how we managed without them. We used to carry the garbage on our backs, hire vehicles or beg with auto drivers to take us so when we received the trucks it changed our lives and allowed us to massively expand our operations. People take us more seriously now and having support from Mahindra is definitely a major feather in our cap. The trucks are hard at work every day for waste collections, community clean-up drives, trips to the scrap dealer and the trenching ground - meaning lots of visibility for Mahindra. To find out more about our relationship with Anand Mahindra please click here.



We are conducting a fabulous educational program, created and funded by microsoft and nokia called 'Create to Inspire'. Instead of going into schools and doing activities with one group of children we are instead doing teacher training with fifty schools, providing fourteen valuable and interesting toolkits on a number of subjects including waste, energy saving, bio-diversity, water, e-waste and environmental careers.The program has been a big hit with the children who get the chance to get away from their desks and get creative through street plays, flash mobs, comedy, video, photography and presentations. To find out more about our educational program please click here.


The Confederation of Indian Industry (CII)

funded our Gandhi Park project allowing us to completely transform Dehradun's only large public park.Thousands of people visit every day from sunrise until night and our efforts are appreciated by all. Not only did we clean up the park but we also held weekly awareness raising sessions, installed dustbins, gave the children's park a makeover and did monthly educational events for kids.Before we began work in the park, garden waste was burned. We have made composting enclosures and now have lots of lovely fertiliser which we will use when it's time to start planting. To find out more about our Dehradun Projects please click here.


Dr Sreeni Foundation & 4G Identity Solutions

sponsored the waste management at the Airtel Hyderabad Marathon. Thankfully more and more event organisers are realising they have a moral duty to ensure the waste generated at their events is cleaned up efficiently and in an environmentally friendly manner. However big name sponsors are still not convinced meaning we often have to source outside funding. We provide a professional service with an emphasis on waste reduction, cleaning during not just after the event and maximising on recycling. These events can have up to 20,000 people meaning lots of visibility for our sponsors. To find out more about our event waste management service please click here.


Fortis Hospital Kangra

sponsored our Bhagsu Waterfall project – ten dustbins, five signboards and the salaries of three members of staff each month to ensure the area remained spotlessly clean. Even though Fortis is no longer funding the project, their signboards and dustbins remain so they still get awesome advertising to this day.The waterfall is a tourist hotspot and there are a number of other tourist locations we would like to expand to. To find out more about sponsorship opportunities in Dharamsala please click here.


T-shirt sponsorship

To find out more about t-shirt sponsorship please send an email to info@wastewarriors.org.