Laptops For A Cleaner Corbett!

Why do brave hearts need good computers to do their best work? Let me tell you about Geeta and Jeetu. Both are from small villages east of Corbett, India’s first Tiger Reserve in Uttarakhand. The hundreds of Tigers and Elephants in these thick forests and clear rivers were part of their lives growing up.

Over time, with 300,000 tourists, 400 hotels, and countless jeeps and taxis criss-crossing the landscape, things are not the same. With all the littering, dumping, and burning of tons of waste, it’s much worse. This harsh reality brought Geeta and Jeetu to our office many years ago. And they are not alone. Many in our Corbett team, including 19 local women, grew up by these rivers and forests. And they want to make it better again.

Now all of us, including Geeta and Jeetu, are setting up systems to clean Corbett, a mission that began with our warrior mentor Minakshi in 2013. A lot of work happens on the ground in 40 villages over 100 square kms, but a good amount also happens in our office to plan, design, document, monitor, and report. We take all of that very seriously. Right now, we do all of this on 10-year-old computers that just can’t be repaired or updated any more. It’s time for this to change, too.

If you’d like to help Geeta and Jeetu and our team do a great job to clean Corbett, reach out to us! We’re looking for donations to help them get the laptops they need to serve the communities they love and make this beautiful landscape clean again.

Your fellow Waste Warrior

Puspendu Mandal,

Project Manager

Waste Warriors Corbett