Meet The Team


Head Office

Jodie Underhill

Jodie Underhill - Co-Founder

Jodie is the co-founder of Waste Warriors and has started and worked extensively in both the Dehradun and Dharamsala project locations, as well as at multiple large events around India. Born in Great Yarmouth, England in 1976, Jodie became better known as 'Garbage Girl' here in India because of her tough and uncompromising work towards clean-up drives and waste management solutions. Jodie has more than eight years of waste management experience and will always represent the spirit and strength behind our organization. She is now back in the UK but still supports our head office team through her partnership development and fundraising work.


Vishal Kumar

Vishal Kumar - Chief Executive Officer

In those long train journeys between Chennai and Varanasi during his graduation, Vishal was truly mesmerised with the constantly changing, yet eternal beauty of nature. However, there was a constant during the journey, which in contrast, deeply bothered him─ the never-ending stream of plastic pollution along the railway tracks. The impact this had on Vishal was so deep that, after graduating as a Materials Science Engineer from IIT (BHU) Varanasi, he decided to reject his lucrative campus placement-offer to pursue his mission of solving India’s waste management problem.

Vishal was instrumental in scaling up of Saahas Zero Waste, one of the first waste management startups in India and later helped launch a US based non-profit, Renew Oceans Foundation in India, aimed at reducing ocean bound plastic pollution. He has now joined Waste Warriors as our Chief Executive Office, to lead us in this next phase of meaningful growth.

Vishal strongly believes that only those who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world, are the ones who do.


Aman Grover

Aman Grover - Sr. Manager, Implementation & Monitoring

Aman has experience in process management, quality and training. He is a science graduate, a GNIIT-ian and an MCA dropout. Lived in Delhi NCR and after having worked in a corporate environment for more than 9 years, he felt he should add some value to his life by doing something meaningful rather than just working for money. Aman joined Waste Warriors as Operations Manager in 2018 and headed the SWM operations team in Dehradun, and is now our Sr. Manager for Implementation & Monitoring for all our team in our three locations.

Aman considers himself a nature lover and admires how the simplest of things can be so beautiful and deeply respects our surroundings. He likes travelling in nature, trekking, taking photos, interacting with people and discovering new places. His hobbies are music, gardening, travelling, photography, sports, and reading. Aman has an Instagram page by the name of Naturebawa which he feels describes his thoughts.


Naveen Kumar Sadana

Naveen Kumar Sadana - Sr. Manager, Outreach & Partnerships

Naveen joined the team in October 2016 and was initially handling our daily operations for a year. He is now in charge of our Outreach & Partnerships across all locations, where he works hard to help the teams do their best to reach out to local community members, including bulk generators such as RWAs and institutions, and develop our relationships with local government authorities that our vital to the development of our projects in Dehradun, Dharamsala, and Corbett. He is dynamic, vibrant and innovative in tackling all the complexities of new challenges. He is patient and calm which makes him the ideal person to interact with everyone, from staff to active citizens to the local municipality. In his personal life he has a small happy family with two children and he enjoys spending time with them and bringing them close to nature.


Chirag Mahajan

Chirag Mahajan - Sr. Manager, Communications

Chirag grew up in Hyderabad, India, and went to the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada, to do his Bachelor of Arts. He then spent three years in various positions at a Vancouver radio station, CiTR 101.9 FM, including News Director of News 101, Web Editor of Discorder Magazine, Technical Producer of Terry Project Podcast, Producer and Host of Discorder Radio, and Campus Coverage Coordinator. After exploring the radio world, Chirag completed a diploma in audio engineering and post-production from Nimbus School of Recording Arts & Media, Vancouver. After freelancing as a multimedia editor (graphics, sound, and web), he left North America in November 2016 to travel as a backpacker across India, where he saw this country and the issues it faced with garbage from a new perspective. Chirag found out about Waste Warriors and in June 2017 he joined us as a full-time volunteer, eventually becoming our Dharamsala Project Manager. In July 2018, he joined the head office to lead communications.


Bhuwan Kapri

Bhuwan Kapri - Sr. Manager, Growth

Bhuwan grew up in the small Himalayan town of Pithoragarh, Uttrakhand. When he completed his B.Tech. Computer Science degree from an engineering college, he was the first in his family to do so. After working for three years in a couple of IT sales and marketing companies in Pune and Delhi, Bhuwan joined our Dehradun team in January 2018 as a Growth Assistant. He constantly tries to lend his widening skills to organise proper waste management systems with new establishments across Dehradun, and also works on additional activities including event waste management, waste consultancy, and project planning. Bhuwan works hard to prepare reports and proposals, do site surveys and waste audits, and takes the time to talk to our stakeholders to help them understand and overcome their waste problems. In his free time, Bhuwan loves to read and to listen to all kinds of music.


Sakshi Singh

Sakshi Singh - HR Talent & Culture Manager

Sakshi is a MBA (PG) with major in Human Resource and Personnel Management. She has 4 years of corporate experience where she worked two years in NCR and later came back to Dehradun which is her hometown and worked with Oppo mobiles Pvt. Ltd. in their core HR generalist team. Her core skills include recruitment, induction and orientation, documentation, attendance management, payroll system, business communication and interpersonal skills.


Sandeep Balachandran

Sandeep Balachandran - Content Designer

Sandeep grew up in Calcutta and later moved to Bombay to write for a technology magazine called CHIP. His ability to breakdown products and list out their USPs, with respect to the competition, is what helped him transition from reviewing and writing about technology to marketing and promoting tech based products. However, after spending 11 years climbing the corporate ladder, he decided to take a break and ride to Himachal. It was here where he heard about Waste Warriors and decided to work for an NGO. He wants to spread awareness and keep the mountains free of garbage. Sandeep is also an Interior Photographer and Videographer and has a keen eye for detail. His love for two wheels and the mountains is probably second to none.


Vijayshwari Rawat

Vijayshwari Rawat - Administrative Supervisor

After working with Punjab National Bank for two years and the PAN card office for five years, Vijayshwari joined Waste Warriors in January 2017 as an Admin Assistant. She feels very proud to be working with Waste Warriors, as it has enhanced her knowledge about waste management. We are happy to have her with us as she is very responsible and undertakes all her office duties very efficiently.


Waste Warriors Dharamsala

Shomita Bhattacharya

Shomita Bhattacharya - Project Manager

Shomita was born and raised in Bhopal, the City of Lakes and also home to the world’s 2nd worst industrial disaster. Growing up in a family of environmentalists in a city with ongoing environmental issues, it became clear that this is the field she wants to serve. She pursued her passions through her education in Environmental Studies and has worked in the field of solid waste management on various regional and nationwide projects assisting cities and businesses diverting and reducing waste. Shomita is excited to continue this journey through Waste Warriors in identifying solutions to resolve the incredible and growing problems surrounding waste. Besides “talking trash”, one can find Shomita traveling, reading, catching up on favorite shows, and making conversation with a stranger.


Etosha Chatterjee

Etosha Chatterjee - Manager, Outreach & Partnerships

Born and brought up in Kolkata, an engineer by education, an avid trekker and mountaineer by heart and profession, Etosha is in total love with the Himalayas. She has been travelling and trekking across the Himalayas for the past 10 years and made people travel along, just with sheer intentions of making every individual understand the importance of taking care of our nature and natural resources. She feels it's the urgent need of the hour to spread this message across to as many individuals as possible and hence, Waste Warriors. Apart from traveling, she is in love with books, and is a badminton player, a passionate dancer, and loves making crafts, and especially junk art makes her the happiest.


Arpit Dhiman

Arpit Dhiman - Associate, Outreach & Partnerships

Arpit grew up in Dharamshala and he first got in touch with Waste Warriors in mid-2018 as an Intern. He did his post graduation degree in Social Work. Arpit is an adventure enthusiast and a nature lover from the beginning. He joined Waste Warriors as a Trainee (Outreach and Partnerships) and now looks after our Swachh Yatra and Clean Business Programs. Apart from this, he is an amateur photographer and is on Instagram by the name @youngwild.n.free where he shares what he explores.


Nidhi Sharma

Nidhi Sharma - Education Associate

Born and brought up in Shimla, Nidhi recently joined the team of Waste Warriors Dharamsala. Being a postgraduate in Social Work from Himachal Pradesh University, she has always been passionate and willing to serve society. The growing amount of garbage piles in and around the city and especially in the rural areas, made her realise that this problem has to be solved at the earliest and this is why she joined Waste Warriors, to make a difference. Apart from social work she loves reading books, poetry, and music.


Vinay Kumar

Vinay Kumar - Associate Manager, Operations

Vinay was born in the foothills of the Himalayas. Having been brought up in a multicultural aura, he respects and has imbibed the diversity around him. He believes that with right intentions and right path, nothing is impossible in life. He strives to live fearlessly and harmoniously. Among his favourite activities are hiking, exploring the world, road-running, soccer, cricket and adventure sports.



Vikas - Project Assistant

Vicky, as he is known in our office, used to work at a shop at Bhagsu Waterfall and was volunteering with Waste Warriors with their clean-up drives. He officially joined the team as a Project Assistant in the year 2017 and since then has worked with a single aim, to keep the Bhagsu, Galu, and Triund areas clean and devoid of litter and garbage. Vicky was born and brought up in the Dharamsala region and has seen how tourism has affected the ecology of the place. According to him, even locals have not been very interested or even aware of the effects of irresponsible garbage disposal but this issue can be curbed through proper awareness programs, and he can now see them changing.


Waste Warriors Dehradun

Outreach & Partnerships Team


Ankita Chamola

Ankita Chamola - Manager, Outreach & Partnerships (Tetra Pak EPR Program)

Ankita grew up in Dehradun. During her last year studying MBA, TERI – an organisation which works towards sustainable living – visited her college for an interaction, after which she really started questioning and observing her surroundings. After the completion of her MBA, she worked in the corporate field for 3 months but then realized that a desk job was not what she wanted to invest her time on. So she quit her job and, while taking a course on banking, she volunteered at Waste Warriors as an intern for one year. Ankita, in the process of the internship, felt that the field of waste management is where she wanted to work, and now she works with us full time as our Assistant in our Outreach and Partnerships work. You will regularly find her in Dehradun's Ward 21 MKP, talking to community members to raise awareness on source segregation and running the Young Warriors clubs.


Operations Team


Yogesh Shukla

Yogesh Shukla - Operations Manager (SWM)

Yogesh is an experienced Operations Manager, and is known for helping, educating, supporting Green Workers, volunteers and interns. He’s driven by a passion for a better and greener India. He is a positive thinker and innovative in handling complexities and challenges. He started his career as a Technical Security Adviser after completing various Microsoft certifications, but left after few months as he felt sitting in front of a computer is not exactly what he was looking for. He then joined a R&D firm and worked there for 4 years and traveled all over India working on different projects. During his tenure, he got the opportunity to work with global institutions such as GiZ, IARD, MFO, UCLA, Columbia University, Harvard University, Duke University, New York University etc. Working with academics and policy makers from around the globe helped him develop and enhance his interpersonal skills. Yogesh now spends his time on the managing the SWM operations of the Dehradun team across multiple locations, including Harrawala, Sahastradhara, and our collection centers.



Amritansh - Operations Manager (EPR Initiatives)

Amritansh grew up in Patna and has seen his city dying. An engineer by education he wanted to solve environmental problems. He joined a small organisation in his hometown and worked there for two years. Eager to learn more, he moved to Delhi and volunteered with few organisations. He got an opportunity to work in the field of waste management in Pune where he learned, researched, and implemented his ideas on Solid Waste Management. He did his post-graduation diploma in environment and sustainable development while working in Pune. Now he wants to learn and research more with Waste Warriors and resolve the growing problem of waste.


Aslam Khan

Aslam Khan - Senior Operations Assistant (UNDP & Coca-Cola's PRITHVI Programme)

Aslam is one of our youngest office team members and he joined Waste Warriors in September 2016. After working with Maxwell for five months he decided to look for a more challenging role and something that would enable him to get out in the field. Aslam’s energetic nature and good sense of humor always brightens the day-to-day office work. He is engaged in all kind of operations activities but his specialties are now with building relationships with scrap dealers to trade recyclable waste with them and channel it to our Swachhta Kendra in Harrawala for further segregation and processing. Aslam is now really good at entering data and maintaining spreadsheets on his operations work.


Ashish Negi

Ashish Negi - Operations Associate

Ashish was born and brought up in Dehradun. He did his B.Sc. IT from DAV (PG) college in Dehradun. He has previously worked as Quantitative Aptitude Content Developer in ixamBee.com which is an online coaching platform. Ashish likes to play cricket and table tennis, and travelling and exploring places is also his hobby.


Ajeet Singh

Ajeet Singh - Operations Assistant

Ajeet joined our team in mid-2019 and is the only one at Waste Warriors whose parents also work at our organization. He is the proud son of two of our Green Workers, Seema and Sunder. Ajeet is in charge of supervising a team of Green Workers at our zero-waste tourist destination project at Sahastradhara waterfalls, and he works hard everyday to make sure that the area is clean and maintained. Whenever he is back at the office, he is trying his best to learn as much as he can from the team.


Education Team


Sakshi Sharma

Sakshi Sharma - Education Associate

After graduating in Economics, Sakshi wanted to work with an organization that gives her the satisfaction of her work at the end with an extension in her knowledge, skills and better output. Traveling to various places for developing different ideas to put in and to play her role enhanced her knowledge regarding the issues in India. Born and brought up in Dehradun, Sakshi has witnessed this city's transformation. But by being away from home for her studies and thinking of ideas on her role in the development sector, she always aimed to stay and work in Dehradun. As an Education Associate, Sakshi is realising that through teaching and guiding students on waste management, a little contribution from a single person can create ways for better change, which gives her confidence, enthusiasm, and dedication. She aspires to have a positive impact in our communities through her contribution.


Waste Warriors Corbett

Minakshi Pandey

Minakshi Pandey - Initiator & Advisor

Fun-loving, warm, and friendly, Minakshi Pandey spent her growing years with ‘teacher’ parents, in far away Shillong. After almost a decade in the big city working with the Taj Group of Hotels, she spent a couple of years in India’s best wilderness spots, training to be a river guide with India’s top rafting companies. In 2000, she and her husband moved to an isolated jungle spot around the periphery of Corbett Tiger Reserve, Uttarakhand where they have spent the last two glorious decades, first operating Camp Forktail Creek, an award winning jungle camp for 12 years and then she moved on to address a social cause very dear to her heart: the growing waste of India! Under her initiative, our Corbett chapter was formed in 2013. She has since been providing honorary assistance at all capacities, including being part of the Executive Committee for a few years, to advise and help this project grow so that Corbett and other tourism-heavy, wilderness spots across India, can have a system to manage their waste and can finally be clean, one day, very soon.


Puspendu Mandal

Puspendu Mandal - Project Manager

A Mechanical Engineer turned Green Manager, Puspendu has recently joined Waste Warriors Corbett as a Project Manager. After studying Development Management from Indian Institute of Forest Management, he has worked in the Madhya Pradesh Forest Department as a Tourism Manager for Satpura Tiger Reserve, and later with a Dehradun-based NGO. He believes working with Waste Warriors will give him opportunities to bring real change to the planet, while guiding him in his personal growth. Puspendu is into wildlife and nature photography and is excited to advance this hobby at Corbett Tiger Reserve.


Pawan Kumar Khulbe

Pawan Kumar Khulbe - Operations Manager

Pawan joined us in December 2014 as a field assistant. He worked incredibly hard on field before quickly rising up to a managerial position, due to his strong desire to learn and willingness to take on responsibility. Originally from Dagkadakoti village in the Almora hills, he lives in Ramnagar. He now looks after all the field operations work as well as government and community outreach and liaisoning of the Corbett program.


Navin Kumar

Navin Kumar - Operations Supervisor (Training & Implementation of SWM)

Navin, a resident of Sunderkhal, has been with us since the Project started in 2013. It has been 7 years now for Navin who has grown to take care of all the field operations and helping to train all the new employees. He is our expert for composting and upcycling waste items. He would soon be starting his own self-help group to train people to upcycle waste items.


Jitendra Prasad

Jitendra Prasad - Operations Supervisor

Jitendra aka Jeetu, is a resident of Garjia Village. He joined us in June 2018. He has been of great help to the team as well as sunshine in the office. He aspires to complete his studies in Masters of Social Work and to work for the community. He is in charge of monitoring the work being done by SHGs, organizing clean-ups, adult awareness programs.


Bhuwan Chandra

Bhuwan Chandra - Assistant Manager, Accounts & Operations

Bhuwan is a local resident of picturesque Sunderkhal village, which is one of our member villages. He joined us as an Assistant manager Admin Hr & Accounts in June 2019. With an experience of eight years in the hotel industry, Bhuwan seeks to learn and grow himself with the team and take his learnings to enter the government sector.


Pradeep Kumar

Pradeep Kumar - Awareness Supervisor

Pradeep is a local from Ramnagar. He has done his Bachelor's in Science (Zoology, Botany, Chemistry) from Kumaun University, Nainital. He loves nature and wildlife, and volunteered with Waste Warriors first in late 2018, and enjoyed being a part of it, and decided to join the team. He has learnt a lot about how to manage waste and all the different types of categories, and wants to spread this message wherever he goes. He is now helping the team and the Corbett project with their HR and administrative work.


Geeta Dhyani

Geeta Dhyani - Awareness Supervisor

Geeta Dhyani is a postgraduate in botany and joined us in August 2018. She likes fresh and waste-free green environments. She hopes that every person understands the usefulness of protecting the environment and natural resources. She is also known as our encyclopaedia for her vast knowledge of current affairs. On the way to office you’ll often find her with the newspaper or earplugs with news playing in the background.