Amit Kumar - Driver

Amit joined us in September 2016 as a driver. Earlier, he had worked as a driver in a catering / event management company, but his friend Brijesh motivated him to join us and he has been with us ever since. He has a small family of his mother, father, wife and son. He has a great passion for driving, and whenever we have an event he is there with the truck. He is open to all kinds of work that is assigned to him. His multitasking ability gives us great support in our day-to-day office work.


Anita Devi - Green Worker

Anita is young, energetic women and has been with Waste Warriors since November 2016. She is in charge of the waste segregation godown and does all the segregation of waste for our organization. In all these months, Anita has gained a lot of knowledge about different kinds of waste and their harmful effects on the environment. She feels very proud and is happy to be part of Waste Warriors. Her husband Pawan motivated her to join Waste Warriors.


Brijesh - Green Worker

Brijesh was working at the military hospital for three years on a contract basis for sweeping and cleaning work as ground man. He left that job in 2016 and joined Waste Warriors as a Green Worker. Due to income issues in his family, Brijesh left his studies in 8th class and started working to support his family financially. At Waste Warriors, he is looking after the Dalanwala location, doing sweeping, cleaning, and waste segregation. He was inspired by Waste Warriors as he saw that they gave their workers the opportunity to work in a better environment and were always given proper equipment to do their tasks.


Gurpreet Singh - Green Worker

Prior to working for Waste Warriors, Gurpreet worked as a laborer in the Army Substations, unloading and loading their trucks. He joined Waste Warriors in November 2014. He says “I love working for Waste warriors as they gave me the opportunity to prove my worth. Waste Warriors are a great organization, they treat their Green Workers with respect, there is dignity of labour and equality amongst all the staff members.” He is transforming the city with his daily cleaning of commercial and residential localities.


Pawan Kumar - Green Worker

Pawan has been working with Waste Warriors as a Green Worker since November 2016. He used to work with his father earlier, but he could no longer carry on with that. He felt frustrated seeing so much filth in the city and wanted to do something to improve the situation. So when he heard about Waste Warriors, he joined the organization. Now he is happy with his work. He joined us to do his bit for the environment and ensure a good future for his family. Wherever he works, he keeps telling people about the process of segregation.