Meet Vishal, Our New CEO!

Across the world, individuals and organisations were tested for their resilience, courage and collective strength. While global issues such as climate change continue to threaten the human existence on this planet, COVID19 showed that the countries, its politicians, organisations and people can come together and put up a strong fight when needed.

At Waste Warriors, the year was a rollercoaster ride. While we started the year with some really exciting partnerships and projects including the first Material Recovery Facility of Uttarakhand, our waste pickers communities were threatened for their livelihood when the world came to standstill. We had no other choice but to act and support the relief programs. Together, with our partners and supporters, we distributed 30,000 kgs of food and more than 100 people received 5000 rupees each as an interim relief.

Our communities and Waste Warriors as an organization have come out of this year stronger and we are filled with gratitude for the support we have received from our partner organizations as well as community supporters and our active citizens.

The new year also marks a new beginning for the organisation. After 7 years of fulfilling action with Waste Warriors, I have decided to venture out to try new initiatives outside India. While this decision was not an easy one, we all felt this was a right time to bring in a new energy and perspective to Waste Warriors’ leadership.


Meet Vishal, our new CEO at Waste Warriors. An IIT BHU graduate, Vishal has diverse experience of working with waste management organisations at various levels and in various positions. As a youth leader himself, he is a great fit for organisation culture and we are excited to introduce him to you.

COVID19 is not gone and the world has started to feel the aftermath of lockdowns and economic inactivity. But there is more hope and optimism as the pandemic has brought us closer together. At Waste Warriors, we look forward to 2021 where we collaborate with our communities and our partners for our aligned goals of a cleaner India.

I am stepping down from the position of the CEO but I will always be a Waste Warrior at heart and an email or a call away. So feel free to reach out to me on

My best wishes to you, your team and your family.

Your fellow Waste Warrior,

Avinash Pratap Singh