Message on COVID-19 and Our Relief Fund

Dear friends of Waste Warriors,

We are now in unprecedented times. We may be heading towards one of the greatest fights of our lifetime. As the world heads toward lockdown and isolation, I ask for a moment of your time as I reach out to you. Unity and openness is the need of the hour, as much as staying at home is.

My team has always been on the frontline of the battle against waste. Now we’re at a new frontline, invisible, uncertain, and nearly invincible. I wish I was talking about plastic, which has been around us for a while, and will continue to be here for long after. Instead, what we face is far more immediate and urgent: the novel coronavirus, the reason you are staying at home.



As fortunate as you are to read this, there are countless waste workers for whom staying at home means a fate worse than isolation. It will very soon mean no income, little food, and barely a place to sleep. I am shining a light on these neglected communities who need our support, now more than ever, because staying at home is the hardest of their options.

My team is committed to providing support and relief to communities of waste pickers and those in the informal waste sector who will be hit very hard by this crisis. They rely heavily on basic income from the sale of recyclables. But their risk of contracting COVID-19 from waste is also high.



Any help you can provide towards this relief fund is greatly appreciated. We welcome support through cheque, bank transfer, cash, and you can write to me directly if you want to contribute in any other way, including in-kind.

International Donations:
Account Name: Waste Warriors Society
Account Number: 36423912126
IFSC: SBIN0000630
Bank Name: State Bank of India (SBI)
Branch Name: Main Branch Dehradun
Branch Code: 00630
Phone: +91 78952 67144

Indian Donations:
Account Name: Waste Warriors Society
Bank Name: State Bank of India (SBI)
Branch Name: New Cantt Road
Branch City: Dehradun
Branch State: Uttarakhand
IFSC code: SBIN0060432
Account Number: 33742176465
Phone: +91 78952 67144


Waste Warriors is a registered society (12A, 80G).
We can also accept international donations to a dedicated account, as per India's FCRA.


We are also accepting donations to our relief fund on GiveIndia.


I wish you and your families good health and safety through these difficult times.

Your fellow Waste Warrior,

Avinash Pratap Singh

CEO, Waste Warriors Society