Nestle's 2 minute Safai ke Naam

Nestle has started an initiative called "2 minute Safaai ke Naam" to raise public awareness on proper waste disposal and reducing the consumption of single-use plastics. The outreach team from Waste Warriors Dehradun were invited to be guest speakers at an event organised by Nestle and Amar Ujala, the Uttarakhand media partners for the program, to share our knowledge and experience on this important issue.

The students asked lots of questions on plastic pollution and on why the government is not taking stricter actions to ban plastic production. A lot of questions were asked about Nestle, being who are bulk creators of plastic packaging. Nestle is among many FMCG-producing MNCs that are beginning to recognize the role they play in influencing customer behaviours towards disposing of waste packaging more responsibly. Our team is looking at the initiative in a positive light and we are happy to partner with them.

With a total strength of 1341 students participating, this awareness program has now reached reached three schools, including Social Baluni, Universal Academy, and Gautam International, and eight colleges, including BFIT, Dolphin (PG) Institute of Biomedical & Natural Sciences, Shivalik College of Engineering , Doon(P.G) College of Agriculture Science and Technology, Indraprastha Academy of Hotel Management, UCST (Uttranchal College of Science & Technology), JBIT Institute, Dev Bhoomi Institute of Technology (DBIT).