Government Collaborations newsletter Jan-Jun 2016

Government Collaborations Update

We are delighted to be working more and more with the Government and this newsletter is dedicated to our collaborations. The work we are doing can be massively scaled up if we receive support from the administration, which is why these recent events are of such huge importance to us. We have also provided some information about our working methods and how we process and dispose of the waste that we collect.
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Dehradun Newsletter

Dehradun newsletter Jan-Jun 2016

January to June 2016

Read on to find out about Aamir Khan sharing our Recycling Rap with his 16.9 million Twitter fans, our new sponsors, our latest projects, the expansion of our Educational Program and the upcoming launch of a School Waste Collection Service. As always thank you for reading and your continued support.
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Dehradun Newsletter

Dehradun newsletter Aug-Dec 2015

August to December 2015

2016 is looking like it's going to be a very exciting year but first we need to update you on what we were up to in the last half of 2015. In addition to our work in the city and surrounding villages we have also been travelling across the country managing waste at large scale events. Don't forget to keep updated through our website and social media too!
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Lets look at 2015

newsletter- lets look at 2015

July 2015

2015 is turning out to be a very busy year for Waste Warriors. Our brand new, completely revamped website is up and active. There is a lot more information on there now. Also, in all our three locations, we have taken up new responsibilities and expanded work. Here is a brief update. Do send us a reply with what you think is the most exciting update of 2015 so far.
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Event Waste Management

Event waste managemet newsletter

June 2015

Waste Warriors offers comprehensive waste management services, in order to ensure that events are as environmentally friendly as possible. We take our job seriously; we don’t just come at the end of the event to sweep, collect, and throw out the waste. Our work begins at the planning stages of the event, to ensure that the least amount of waste is generated.
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Review of 2014 - Dharamsala

news letter 1

3rd April 2015

An overview of what we’ve been able to accomplish in Dharamsala this year, including celebrating 6 years of cleaning and maintaining the Triund hiking trail, the first zero-waste campus of Himachal Pradesh and the launch of the Nokia Films for Change Program.
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Review of 2014 - Corbett

news letter 1

20th March 2015

An introduction to the work we do in Corbett, and how things have progressed since we started our Corbett chapter in October 2013. In a little over a year, we’ve provided waste management systems to 14 villages around the Corbett Tiger Reserve. The Corbett Project has really taken off thanks to the support of our corporate sponsor, Club Mahindra.
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A look at the last year - WW Dehradun

news letter 1

3rd March 2015

Waste Warriors has been growing steadily in Dehradun and we now employ 19 members of staff. While we are well into 2015, we thought it would be great to share some of the highlights of 2014 with you.
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Review of 2013 - The Dehradun Project

25th July 2014

We have lots of new supporters so thought we should show you some of the highlights from the previous year before we share what we have been doing in 2014. Here are some of our most memorable moments from 2013.
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Help us raise funds

18th March 2014

It's time to face facts, India has a garbage problem! Let's get together and fight this problem! Waste Warriors is dedicated to tackling this issue. Join us in our endeavor to clean up India.
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Snapshot of 2013 - Waste Warriors Dharamshala

17th February 2014

Waste Warriors wishes you a clean and green 2014! The year gone by has been a roller coaster ride for us but with many proud achievements that we'd love to share with you. Here's a sneak peak!
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Waste Warriors Newsletter

31st October 2013

As always our days have been action packed and we are extremely grateful to everyone who has supported us including the many volunteers who have helped us to keep the projects running.
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