SMW Project launched in Kaza with Spiti Holiday Adventures.

Nikshep Trinetra, Project Assistant and Dattavarun, an intern from the Dharamsala chapter of Waste Warriors, travelled to Kaza, Spiti to implement the first phase of a three-phase solid waste management project. The Clean Spiti project is a collaborative effort between Waste Warriors and Spiti Holiday Adventures.

The objective was to set up a system for regular waste collection, collect data on how much waste there is and where it is coming from, set up garbage bins for tourists, train waste workers in segregation and spread awareness in the community about waste segregation and management.

In total, 250 surveys were conducted throughout Kaza to understand the mindset of the Kaza community, as well as to see the waste collection frequency. Findings from the survey found the area with the highest waste (the main market), the lowest segregation (IPH Colony, PD Colony and Police Thane at 0%), the dry and wet waste segregation percentage (66.2%), and open dustbin percentage (85.89%). Twenty-five spots with high tourist frequency were identified and 20 dustbins were installed.

Conversations with community members were also used as an opportunity to introduce the concept of segregation. The importance of wet and dry waste segregation was explained to the community members, as well as to the waste workers in Kaza.

Following this initial surveying, children’s day events and clean up drives were organized in the area to educate the population. In total 315 kg of trash were collected and segregated.

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