TCV students and CUDP workers join hands on Gandhi Jayanyti (Dharamsala)

On Gandhi Jayanti, the Waste Warriors Dharamsala team organized a clean-up drive with TCV students and CUDP workers in McLeod Ganj, as well an waste education and upcycling exhibition with live music at TCV Cafe in McLeod Ganj.

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“Bin it Right” was the theme for an upcycling art exhibition and clean up drive Waste Warriors held this past October in McLeod Ganj. In celebrate of Gandhi Jayanti, or the October second holiday of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi’s birthday, the NGO hosted several events aimed at waste education.

The McLeod Ganj Clean-Up Drive, which began at the main square and lasted three hours, led volunteers around the surrounding road to pick up trash using litter glover, grabbers, and separated waste sacks. Afterwards, volunteers head back to the main square where they segregated recyclable from non-recyclable items. The idea was to educate both the volunteers and the public on the segregation process.

Simultaneously, ‘Bin It Right!’ Upcycling Exhibition ran at the TCV Enterprise Restaurant in Dolma Chowk o McLeaod Ganj. The upcycled art that decorated the walls was made from students from TCV School, Wood Whistlers International School, the Tibetan Women’s Association and international volunteers. The event was free with live music and information sessions on how to properly segregate, dispose of, recycle and upcycle waste.