Our Donors

As a charitable organisation we rely on donations to function and our success is thanks to all of the people who have donated to support our cause. People often think that we only want large donations when in fact it’s all those smaller ones that add up and allow us to continue the good work. We would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you that has contributed.


To view the general donations and donations received for Dehradun Project, click here.
To view the donations received for Dharamsala Project, click here.
To view the donations received for Corbett Project, click here.
Please note that donations given on a regular basis for Community and Transformation projects can be viewed here.
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Donations in Kind

Chetan Mehrotra gave us a desktop computer for our office in Dehradun which enables volunteers and interns to assist us with the many admin tasks we have to do. He also gave a camera and a lap top for our Corbett project. If you have unwanted office equipment please consider donating it to Waste Warriors. Chetan also created several of the videos we have on our website and is a core member of our Managing Committee.



Donations for Projects

Rajiv Sethy has donated towards a number of our Dehradun projects including  Jakhan Forest and Gandhi Park and is a regular monthly donor for our Dalanwala Transformation Project. Thanks to his generosity we have also purchased dustbins and a signboard and when he makes a donation he asks "What do you need?" Rajiv genuinely cares about his city and truly appreciates the efforts that we go to, to restore Dehradun to it's former glory. Rajiv - thank you for all that you do!


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Regular Giving

Ashwin Johari is from Mumbai and has been a Waste Warriors supporter for several years. Despite us not having a project in his home town he still donates Rs.4500 on the 1st of every month to cover the salary of one of our Waste Workers in Dharamsala. We are extremely grateful to all of our donors but having regular donations coming in makes a big difference to us. If you would like to sponsor the salary of a Waste Worker or would like to contribute on a regular basis please get in touch.