An Overview of our Work

CSRWaste Collections

We run waste collections in Dehradun, Dharamsala and Corbett and work in accordance with the Municipal Solid Waste Rules 2000. Ensuring waste is segregated at source is essential if we are to maximise on recycling. We have different bags for recyclable and non recyclable waste and request that food waste is kept separate. We separate the recyclables into different categories so it can be sold to the kabaddiwala and only send non recyclable waste to the trenching grounds. Food and garden waste is composted and turned into fertiliser.


Training Programs

We provide Waste Management training courses to educate people about waste management and the Municipal Solid Waste Rules 2000, the importance of waste segregation, composting and recycling. We also provide ongoing assistance so that learning can be transformed into action. We have conducted training courses for the Indian Army, Forestry Department, the Central Public Works Department and the Indian Institute of Hotel Management to name just a few.


waste-managementWaste Management Consultancy

Do you want to improve the way you manage your waste or turn your organic waste into compost? It doesn’t matter if you are an individual or a huge company, we want to help you! We can evaluate your home, work place or community and provide you with an action plan and the necessary guidance you need to make positive changes. We will train your staff and are always on hand to advise you when you have problems and ensure the system we create for you becomes an integral part of your organisation or household.


Presentations and Guest Speaking

Jodie and her team are always happy to conduct presentations and speak at events of any size. Whether you are part of an educational institute, a business or a group we would love to come and talk to you. The Story of Waste Warriors is an inspirational one and with a great selection of videos and presentations we are sure to educate and entertain you. We have done presentations all over the country and have received numerous standing ovations in appreciation of our work.


Event Waste Management

Our team has been involved in managing the waste at a number of large scale events including the Airtel Hyderabad Marathons 2013 & 2104, Chennai Marathon, IPL and ODI matches at Dharamsala Cricket Stadium, the ATOAI Convention and a number of other festivals and functions.

We don’t just sweep up discarded waste we actually manage the waste that is generated, segregating as much as possible to maximize on recycling. Please get in touch if you would find out more about the waste management service we offer.


CSRCorporate Social Responsibility

We can arrange CSR activities for your company and employees so you can be seen to be doing something good for the environment or your local community. We have an array of activities your business can get involved in and are happy to create you a program that suits your financial and time constraints. We have an array of projects that your company can sponsor or alternatively we can work in an area of your choice. Let us know your requirements and we will create a proposal that meets your needs then carry out the work accordingly.


Transformation Projects


Is there an area near to where you live or work that you would like to be transformed? Maybe there’s an area that’s being used as a dumping ground, an ugly wall plagued by posters that you want to clean or turn into a wall mural or a place that you visit that you’d like to be clean. We can provide everything you need including staff, equipment and the necessary support to ensure the area stays clean!  Thanks to financial assistance from local businesses and residents we have transformed and are maintaining the cleanliness of a number of localities. Please see Dehradun Projects for more information.