H.T. Parekh Foundation

The H T Parekh Foundation was established in October 2012 with the aim to undertake, pursue and be concerned with the welfare, betterment and advancement of society as a whole. The Foundation is sector agnostic and works across a range of social interventions and development initiatives across India. HDFC conducts a significant portion of its Corporate Social Responsibility through the Foundation. The Foundation has donated 25 lakh to our Dharamsala project to cover the costs of providing a door-to-door waste collection in the Bhagsunag and Dharamkot area, weekly clean-up drives at Bhagsu Waterfall and community clean-up’s in Bhagsu and McLeod Ganj. The salaries of our Project Manager, two Project Assistants and a Education Assistant for educational and awareness raising activities are also covered in addition to dustbins, signage, wall murals, educational materials, rent and office expenses.


The Thapar Public Charitable Trust

We are delighted to announce that we have received 30 lakh from the Thapar Public Charitable Trust to expand our educational program. We are starting a waste collection service for schools in Dehradun and will be employing an Educational Manager and three educational assistants who will work in the field of education across all 3 of our chapters. Gautam Thapar is widely recognized for his thought leadership and takes his social responsibilities seriously; this is manifested in his involvement across three sectors: education, leadership development and sports.


The Sir Ratan Tata Trust

The Sir Ratan Tata Trust is renown for supporting good causes across the country and we are delighted to be one of them.The Tata Trusts have played a pioneering role in transforming traditional ideas of charity and introducing the concept of philanthropy to make a real difference to communities.We received a grant of Rs 998,000 for the Dehradun Project in December 2015 to cover the costs of hiring a Chief Operating Officer, 5 Green Workers, a staff supervisor and purchasing 7 dustbins for community use. We are extremely grateful to SRTT for their support.