Phase II of 'Green Gurukul' launched

Phase II of our Education Program (now named Green Gurukul) commenced with participants from 28 schools attending teacher training events on 28th and 29th August. The teachers were taught how to be use a curated collection of informative toolkits, developed by WasteLess that can be utilised by their fellow teachers enabling them to reach out to all of the students across their campuses.

25 teachers from 13 schools attended the solid waste management training at Jaswant Modern School and 28 teachers from 15 schools attended the training at the Heritage School. They were trained by our experienced teacher and teacher trainer, Neha Sachdeva. The beauty of these workshops is the fact that the teachers get to interact and contribute not just listen. One such activity was role-play, where teachers demonstrated how to attempt to change mindsets in a calm but persuasive manner. The aim is to encourage children to speak up when they see someone doing something wrong such as littering or not segregating waste. One of the most popular activities as always was the Waste Relay Race where participants are given a card with a waste item on and they have to race the other team and decide which dustbin it should go in – food, recyclable or non-recyclable.

The 28 schools that participated in the program are Asian School, Bajaj Institute of Learning, Blooming Buds Public School, CNI Boys Inter College, Cantt Junior High School-Garhi Cantt, Cantt Junior High School-Prem Nagar, Doon Blossoms School, Flowerdale School, Gautam International School, George Public School, Government Model Intermediate School, Heritage School, Kasiga School, Mount Ford Academy, Mount Litera Zee School, New Doon Blossoms School, Schuler Heim School, Shigally Hills International School, Shri Guru Ram Rai Khurbura, Shri Guru Ram Rai Vasant Vihar (Senior), Shri Guru Ram Rai Vasant Vihar (Medium), Shri Guru Ram Rai EC Road, Shri Guru Ram Rai Sahasdhara, Shahid Megh Bahadur Gurung Kanya Inter College, SNSM Public School, Seven Oaks School, The Indian Cambridge School and the Oasis School.