Progress Report 2012 - 2016

progress report

Our journey has been a challenging but rewarding one and we have made great progress over the past four years. We have put together a beautiful and informative report that provides information about our work across our 3 chapters including our waste collections, clean-up drives, event waste management, educational initiatives, testimonials from volunteers and staff members, information about our Managing Committee and all you need to know about Waste Warriors. The financials are all in there too as we are big believers in transparency and want our donors and sponsors to feel confident that their contributions are being spent wisely.

Please follow the link to read the report and please do share it with others. We are getting a small number of these reports printed and are hoping that a copy will end up in the hands of our Prime Minister Narendra Modi, as this report has Swachh Bharat Abhiyan all over it! We’ve always dreamed big, why stop now!

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