Rajpur Nature Festival 2018

This was the fifth year in a row that we have managed the waste at the Rajpur Nature Festival. Our team coordinated the segregation of waste generated by around 100 stalls and thousands of visitors. Vendors were given reusable sacks for their dry waste, and the large bins we provided were lined with biodegradable sacks and manned by our volunteers.

We also had our own stall which gave visitors the chance to learn about the basics of waste management and how to manage your waste at home. 65 students participated in three performances to raise awareness on reducing pollution, saving the environment, minimizing plastic consumption etc. 20 young students from Sunrise Academy performed a passionate Nukkad Natak, 32 hearing-and-speech-impaired students from Bajaj Institute of Learning performed a wonderful and energetic mime and 13 young women studying in the B.Ed program at Sunrise Academy Management Society put on a captivating song-and-dance performance.

A big thank you to the organizers, festival goers and supporters for making it a wonderful experience, and of course our hardworking volunteers and green workers!