Recycling Kings - Students Are Back To School With All Their Recyclables!

Our Green Gurukul team is on a mission to increase Dehradun’s plastic recycling rate through schools. Our school SWM program is raising awareness on the importance of recycling by launching a Recycling Drive called “Kaun Banega Recycle King” in 30 schools in Dehradun.

Summer breaks are about planning holidays, traveling to new places, and entertaining family and guests. It might be easy for even the most eco-conscious among us to slip just a little on reducing, reusing, and recycling. On average, household waste increases by 25% during the holidays, because all of the single-use plastic disposables, beverage containers like Tetra Pak, and lots of cold drink PET bottles.

We knew it would be a great idea to start a recycling drive for all of this waste that can and should be recycled. Before the summer break, our Green Gurukul team asked thousands of students in 30 Dehradun schools to keep all their dry recyclables (plastic wrappers, PET bottles, cans, etc.) safely in a bag. After the break was over and students came back to school, many of them brought those recyclables back to school, and we are collecting all of this from these amazing Recycling Kings of Dehradun!

This initiative is getting young kids to recycle and to engage their parents, friends, and communities. This summer, we are proud to say that we have successfully diverted 300 kg! An average piece of plastic weighs around 10gm, which means around 30,000 recyclable plastic items were saved from going to the city’s trenching grounds, and were given a second life. We now want to keep this up and keep doing these recycling activities year-round.

This drive was also a great way for students to get something out of it apart from recycling: we are grateful to Fun ‘N’ Food Kingdom, Dehradun for offering coupons to those schools with the largest collection of recyclables given to our drive.

Recycling is one of the key components of the circular economy, which includes manufacturing and consumption, while also protecting our environment by reducing waste. As a result, a growing amount of consumed and available resources can be reused in the cycle of production, and ideally no waste would have to go to landfills. This transition into such an economy would also positively impact our health and lives by reducing pollution of our natural resources.

Being more mindful of the ways you can reduce your carbon footprint is important, and we are there to help you. The more people like you participate in energy-saving waste reduction activities, the closer we’ll be to a cleaner and more sustainable city, country, and planet.

Written by Anamika Pal, WWS Education Assistant, Green Gurukul team.