Start Your Own Project


Hello fellow Waste Warriors! We often hear from people who want to do something to tackle the ever-increasing garbage issue in their locality, village, town or city but aren't sure where to begin. We are here to help you start your own project and it can be as small or as big as you want it to be depending on how much time and money you have to spare. You can pick and chose from the below list to kick start your own initiative! Combine it all and voila, you have started bringing about transformation, awareness and cleanliness in your area!! Ask some like-minded friends, colleagues or family members to join in and just see where it goes. Who knows, your project may result in a new Waste Warriors chapter.


do a clean up1. ORGANIZE A CLEAN UP

Organizing a clean-up is a good first step. It's a fun day out, a nice work out, meeting cool people and feeling a sense of accomplishment when the work is done! We have compiled some pointers to help you plan and conduct a clean up in your locality.  Read More

pls no garbage2. CONDUCT A CHILDREN'S DAY

Our Children's Day activities aim at making the next generation environmentally responsible. We have a list of activities that you can do at a Children's Day and also added some useful information for you to organize your own. Read More



People that litter aren’t bad they just lack civic sense. Their habits are hard to break as they have had them since childhood. Our job is to try and make people understand that using a dustbin is a far better alternative. Here is the information you need! Read More


For those with creative instincts, we have some suggestions on how to create your own awareness raising art project. They are cool, involve the community and leave a long lasting impression. Read More



Did you know that as per the Municipal Solid Waste Rules 2016, every city must have a segregated waste collection service? Be a responsible citizen and get informed, a clean environment is your right! Find out here. Read More

new FundRaising copy6.HOLD A FUND RAISING EVENT

If you have the passion and drive to take up a project in your region but are holding back due to lack of funds, here is a guide to give you our top ten fundraising tips. They are simple initiatives that not only raise money but can be a huge amount of fun too! Read More