'Swachhta Ki Pathshala' Principal's Workshop

The journey to good waste management starts from the mind of young children who can adapt towards changes quickly and find new solutions to solve the issues we all face. To help them think this way, it is important that the education system is designed in a way that the message of a cleaner environment and a better future is put forward in a simple and effective way.

Sensing this need for proper and well-planned guidance, our Waste Warriors team in Dharamsala organized a workshop for principals on 19th October 2019, under a new education program called 'Swachhta Ki Pathshala'. We were happy to see that representatives from 13 schools participated in this first session, who enrolled their schools to better educate their students about sustainable waste management methods. The workshop was aimed at sharing different insights about waste management, the challenges that schools face, and how schools can become part of the solution to promote a clean and waste-free environment for their students.

Our successful workshop included presentations from:
- Virender Chandel, Officer on Special Duty, Higher Education
- Sunil Chadha, Bureau Chief, Amar Ujala newspaper
- Ms. Pooja Chauhan, General Manager, from our program partner Smart City
- Mr. Saumyadeb Dasgupta, Program Associate, from our program partner Centre for Urban and Regional Excellence

The education program 'Swachhta ki Pathshala' aims to introduce the students to effective SWM and involve them in hands-on interactive activities such as:
- Waste Segregation
- Recycling
- Upcycling
- Composting
- Community Cleanups
- and Creative Communication

Each of these practices, when taught well to school students, can greatly contribute towards their understanding of how to protect and preserve the well-being of our shared environment. Dharamshala, like many growing cities across India, is facing the ever-growing problem of municipal waste, so it is important to make sure that the right message spreads from schools to homes to the local businesses.

As our Education Assistant Nidhi says, "change in society can only start from educating the children because they are the future. 'Swachhta ki Pathshala' involves a number of programs including workshops where they’ll learn how to curb the problem of waste from the source itself."

Written by: Anshul Akhoury