rv-1Everyone knew that His Royal Highness, Prince Charles, the Prince of Wales and Her Royal Highness, Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall would be visiting Dehradun but very few people knew that that they would be coming to see Waste Warriors!

We were asked by the British High Commission to host one of our educational Children’s Day’s at the Doon School. We invited 65 children from The Aasraa Trust and everything had been planned perfectly but one thing we never have control over is the weather! It sadly started raining just before HRH was due to arrive and we shifted from the lawn to the reception area of the school several times before finally squashing ourselves inside to keep out of the rain.
rv-2The children took it all in their stride and were incredibly well behaved. Our Co-Founder and CEO Jodie Underhill showed HRH round the different activity stations and also explained about the work of Waste Warriors. HRH was very enthusiastic and complimentary and genuinely appreciated the importance of what we do. She interacted wonderfully with the children and at the end was presented with a purse made from a Tetra Pak juice carton and a bouquet of flowers made from egg trays by the children of the Aasraa Trust. She presented us with six litter grabbers which had been bought over from England and promised to send more in the future.
Big thanks to Wing Commander Anupama Joshi and Shaila Brijnath, Neelu, Amit and Akanksha from the Aasraa Trust. As always, huge thanks goes to our volunteers, Mohit, Sameer, Sourabh, Nitesh, Sanat and Rajat who joined staff members Tashi and Avinash and our interns Vibha, Aman and Anchal. Well done everyone!
rv-3In the evening Jodie attended a dinner held in honour of the Royal couple by the Chief Minister Vijay Bahuguna. She chatted for some time with Her Royal Highness who then arranged for Jodie to be introduced to Prince Charles. HRH said that his wife Camilla had great things to say about Waste Warriors and urged us to keep up the good work. Jodie told Prince Charles that Waste Warriors had submitted several proposals to the Chief Minister but had yet to receive a response. HRH promptly went in search of Vijay Bahuguna, introduced him to Jodie and asked that he respond to future correspondence.

Most certainly a day to remember!