Warrior Webinars

We’re happy to announce our brand new series, Warrior Webinars! Come and join us as we simplify waste management and sustainability 🌱 🌍 with the help of our in-house warriors and guest speakers. 🗣️



Ep 6: Responsible Travel with Anshul, An Award-Winning Travel Blogger!


Since all 3 places where we work would usually get lots of tourists, we thought what better way to end the first season of our #WarriorWebinars than to show you how to travel responsibly and consciously. This will be especially important in the coming months as tourist places open up.

Here’s a little sneak peek about our host... Anshul is an award-winning responsible travel blogger. He has volunteered with multiple organizations (including us!) and has played a key role in promoting ecofriendly travel. He prefers slow travel to reduce carbon footprint, and has also brought down the amount of single-use plastic in his life. He admires local culture, festivals, and food and believes that these are very important when it comes to elevating the status of a travel destination.

Conscious travel creates a sustainable travel economy where the traveller and hosts both benefit - traveller gets an authentic experience and the locals get a source of income. It also means that you become more mindful and consider the impact of your trips on the environment while planning your holidays. It's the future of travel!



Ep 5: Dhauladhar Cleaners Share Why They Clean Up Mountains!


"Sometimes all it takes, is a little bit of courage." This Friday for your weekly dose of inspiration, we trace the journey of a bunch of people who started a volunteer movement and are now known as the Dhauladhar Cleaners!

They're based in Dharamshala (District Kangra, Himachal Pradesh). They carry out weekly clean up drives to maintain the sanctity of the hills they so dearly love. We'll have a freewheeling chat with them to understand what it takes to mobilize and influence people week after week to participate in something they believe in.



Ep 4: Learn All About Composting with Amritansh


We have received quite a few requests to host a session on home composting. This week we are making your wish come true!

Join Amritansh as he explains to you the basics of home composting. He will answer all your questions, address all your fears related to composting and help you overcome the common mental roadblocks that all newbies have.



Ep 3: Live at our Harrawala Model Ward Program Launch


Hello! To celebrate World Environment Day and mark the occasion in a big way, we invite you to come and be a part of the launch of our Model Ward initiative in Harrawala, ward #97 of Dehradun.

This program will expand on our initiative last year in MKP Ward #21, and will focus on behavioural change campaigns for source segregation of waste, door-to-door awareness-raising and collection of recyclables, home composting of organic waste, and many other initiatives that will make Harrawala among the cleanest wards in Dehradun.



Ep 2: A Journey Of Changemakers from Dehradun, Dharamshala, & Corbett


For Week 2 on Warrior Webinars, we trace the journeys of 3 community leaders from each of our locations: Ashish Garg from Dehradun, Principal Raka Kaul from Dharamshala, and Vinod Budhani from Kyari village, Corbett Landscape.

We spoke to them about how they realized their passion to clean India and what they did to get involved at a local level to achieve this. If you've always thought about how to have some real on-ground impact but have not quite figured how you can do so then this is the session for you!



Ep 1: Waste, Why Bother? with Minakshi Pandey


For Week 1, we have Ms Minakshi Pandey who will walk you through the basics of managing your waste, making small changes that can become habits and lowering your overall impact on the environment.