abhi-with-bagsnew-bagWe are absolutely loving our new printed garbage bags donated by Tesnatech. They have been helping us out for a number of years but this is the first batch of bags that has been printed. We need a lot of garbage bags to be able to run our projects and that’s exactly what Tesna Tech has given us. They distribute polypropylene bags, packaging bags, gusseted bags, packaging bags, cattle feed bags, fabric bags, packaging bags and cement bags so if you need bags they’ve got it covered!

Tesna Tech who are based in Solan, Himachal Pradesh have kindly been supplying us with bags that are perfect for collecting and storing garbage in and we’re extremely grateful for their ongoing assistance.
Big thanks goes to Managing Director Navesh Nirula. Thanks to his generosity and support our latest bags have been specifically printed just for us and we're delighted with the results!