Waste Warriors Dehradun

Anekant Palace

We started work at Anekant Palace in August 2013. Only one of the 42 businesses was getting their waste collected by the Municipality and the rag pickers they were giving it to were throwing everything they didn't want into the car park. With the help of volunteers we picked up the garbage, cleaned the dumping areas and removed the construction waste that had been left there. Doon School students helped to fill in the pot holes, paint walls and plant greenery. We installed dustbins,put up hanging baskets of flowers and Mr Gardner MLA had the car park concreted. All of this was done with financial support from local businesses and we employ a car park attendant and a waste worker with these funds too.


Astley Hall

Eager to replicate our new transformation model we started work at Astley Hall in January 2014. Despite being a well-to-do area, the place was filthy and we collected thousands of kg's of garbage in the first week. We installed a dustbin and planted palms as soon as we cleared the dumpsite and employed a full time waste worker to ensure cleanliness was maintained. Collecting donations still isn't easy and several businesses refuse to contribute. Thanks to support from the businesses along the Orient Cinema side, we expanded the clean zone in December 2014 so now the project is now financially viable.



We get no support from the local businesses and despite numerous attempts to educate them, many still throw their garbage directly onto the street to avoid the Nagar Nigam's waste collection charge of Rs.40. Unfortunately the Municipality won't give us permission to collect from the businesses so keeping the place clean is a daily battle. One of our waste workers (funded by SRTT) cleans the entire area including the busy fruit and vegetable market six days per week. We have installed ten dustbins to deter littering and have a cycle rickshaw donated by Delhi Rotary Club Midwest which makes the job a lot easier.


Jakhan Forest

The forest land on the road to Johri Gaon was a pitiful sight until we started work there in February 2014.It's hard to believe that people can dump their waste in an area as beautiful as this but thanks to donations from Arpana Das and Rajiv Sethy and voluntary assistance from Shigally Hills International Girls Academy and Kasiga School we were able to clean it up. We now maintain the area on a weekly basis and the dumping massively reduced after we conducted an educational Children's Day at Johri Gaon Junior High School. The Sir Ratan Tata Trust (SRTT) is kindly funding the worker for this area.


Rajpur Road

Each day we clean different stretches of the road from the Mussoorie Diversion to KC Soup Bar. Thousands of people drive down this road every day and with new businesses popping up in every possible space it is becoming very difficult to maintain it. People throw litter from their vehicles, leave garbage behind after eating snacks and residents throw their waste out due to the Municipality only collecting from 40% of households and businesses. Despite the challenges, we remain committed to maintaining this area. The Sir Ratan Tata Trust (SRTT) is kindly funding the worker for this area.


Gandhi Park

Thanks to funding from the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) we started work in Gandhi Park in August 2014. The park was filled with heaps of garbage mixed in with garden waste, dustbins were overflowing and there was litter strewn all around. We employ a full time Green Worker to clean the park, empty the dustbins and take all of the garden waste to our composting area. We do composting workshops every Saturday in the park and often hold awareness raising events there.The project was funded by Neha Jain in 2015 and is now funded by Sud Chemie Pvt Ltd.


Village Waste Collection Service

We started the village waste collection service in Purkal and Jaspur in August 2014 when students from PYDS school Jyoti and Shailini came to us with a wonderful proposal and were so enthusiastic about cleaning up and protecting their villages that we had no choice but to agree to help them. Once news of our waste collection began to spread, other villages requested our services. We are now working in a total of 8 villages on the outskirts of Dehradun namely Purkal, Jaspur, Chandroti, Guniyal, Untari, Bhagwantpur, Untari and Khairni. Every Wednesday we go to the villages and collect their waste. VKJ Builders are the funders of the Cleaner Villages Project.



We have been overwhelmed by the level of support we have received for this project and are making great progress since the launch on the 1st December 2014. Malvika Ahuja, Rajiv Sethy and Doon International School are financially contributing & giving their time to ensure this "Clean Colony" model succeeds. We originally employed three waste workers but now employ just one due to lack of funds. We are encouraging residents & schools to maintain their perimeters & a number of schools are sending out students to help us.


Community Clean-Up Drives

We regularly do clean up events and do our absolute best to ensure that the areas we clean, stay clean. We encourage people to join us and provide all the equipment required including bags, gloves, litter grabbers etc and arrange for the waste to be collected after the event. Prior to each clean-up we do a briefing session so waste can be collected segregated and to ensure that everyone works in a safe manner. If you would like to volunteer or would like to host clean-up drives in your locality please get in touch.


Poster Removal

Posters plague the city and although it is an offence to post them, the law is not being enforced and we intend to change that. We have transformed a number of walls and engage locals in that area to report to us when someone pastes a poster so we can take action. A number of offending companies have sent their staff to clean off posters from walls we have cleaned, some of them pledging to find alternate advertising. Our aim is to make Dehradun a poster free city.


Art Projects

People are less likely to graffiti and poster on surfaces that are beautiful so thanks to assistance from volunteers and local and international artists we have done exactly that. Our projects beautify and educate people at the same time. When local people get involved and see the effort that goes into creating the artwork they tend to feel a responsibility to protect it after the project is completed.If you are an artist and would like to use your talents for a social cause, please get in touch.


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