Waste Warriors Dehradun

Our Programs in Dehradun:


Model Ward Program


This ward-level initiative trains residents, businesses, and bulk generators, to boost levels of SWM awareness and change behaviours towards source segregation, organic composting, and dustbin-use. The goal is to have the cleanest wards in Dehradun.

We connect participating communities with waste collection service providers, while active residents and community mobilizers take up the responsibility of coordinating the timely collection of the waste.

We train vehicle staff to prevent segregated waste from being mixed again. We link these vehicles with our material recovery facility operated by our Green Workers. After being further sorted and processed with dedicated machines, aggregated waste is then sent to certified waste recyclers.

Our team has till date completed the formation of one Model Ward in Ward #21 MKP, and is in the process of developing its second Model Ward in Ward #97 Harrawala.

Our Outreach & Partnerships team has been supported
by the Lal Family Foundation since 2017.


Our government supporters include:



Dry Waste Management Programme


This is part of a pan-India plastic recycling effort by UNDP India and multiple EPR & CSR Partners. UNDP and HDFC Bank Parivartan are working with local partners like us to develop effective waste value chain for dry waste, from collection back to recyclers, and to include and empower all waste workers in this effort.

With support from Dehradun Municipal Corporation and Pollution Control Board, we built Uttarakhand's first Material Recovery Facility dedicated to recycling plastic waste. We have three machines – a baler, shredder, and air blower – operated by Safai Saathis, trained waste pickers. The machines help us aggregate plastic of the same sub-category before it is sent to certified recyclers.

Our team is now channeling 50-60 tonnes of plastics per month from multiple sources in the city to this facility. We are also working to engage marginalized waste pickers to help them develop their own self-help groups. We are training and mentoring these SHGs to improve their lives and livelihoods.

Our Dry Waste Management Programme team has been supported
by UNDP India & HDFC Bank since 2020.


Our government supporters include:



Building Dehradun's Recycling Market for Used Beverage Cartons


It’s estimated Dehradun alone annually generates 350 tons of used branded beverage cartons like Frooti, Appy, Real Juice, Paper Boat, Amul Lassi, Tropicana etc. Earlier, these cartons weren’t worth much in the recycling market, so waste pickers and scrap dealers would not deal with it, which meant hundreds of tons of cartons would go directly to the city landfill and end up in sewers and rivers.

We’ve partnered with Tetra Pak India, under an Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) model. We’ve started working with waste pickers, scrap dealers (kabaadiwallas), and bulk generators, to build the Used Beverage Carton recycling market in the city.

We’re conducting awareness-raising sessions for waste pickers who can segregate these cartons as well as bulk generators like institutes, malls, and office buildings. We're setting up carton drop-off points across the city, and teaming up with scrap dealers to purchase the cartons. At our material recovery facilities, we are baling the cartons and then sending them to a certified Tetra Pak recycler in Khatima, Uttarakhand.

Our Tetra Pak team is supported
by Tetra Pak India since August 2020.



Transforming Sahastradhara into a Zero-Waste Tourist Destination


Our goal for Sahastradhara is to transform the area into a zero-waste tourist destination. Since July 2019, our small team has worked to implement SWM systems and show the community the benefits of our work. We believe that each individual, whether shopkeeper or tourist, plays a vital role in balancing out our ecosystem and we try our best to help them make better choices.

Initially, Sahastradhara was a sight for sore eyes with no proper facility for waste collection and disposal. From dirty lanes to overflowing dustbins, one would find waste in almost every nook and corner. Now, with the support of Make My Trip Foundation and with the help of community members and volunteers, we have cleaned up many such areas, from lanes to dumping sites.

With our awareness programs in place, local community members are realizing the importance of segregating waste at source. However, the main and continuing future challenge will still be with generating awareness amongst future floating tourist populations.

Our Sahastradhara transformation team has been supported
by the MakeMyTrip Foundation since July 2019.


Our government supporters include:




Informative & Interactive Lessons
on Recycling and the Environment,
Through Teacher-Training and Student Activities!



Our online SWM education program, "Green Gurukul", is aimed at sensitizing students to their environment through hands-on and thought-provoking activities. We believe that this will ensure the next generation is aware of the impact that our individual actions have on the environment, and that our activities and interactions will empower and equip them with the knowledge to make better choices for a cleaner future.